Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Undeniable, by Serena Grey

Just finished this amazing book from an amazing person and writer who again gave me her work for an honest review.

And I have to say You did it again Serena!

I  loved this book from the start!

Olivia was young and naive, but she knows that what she felt for Jackson wasn't some childish infatuation, he broke her heart and now that she is back on her feet she doesn’t want to risk it, but it’s okay, he won’t n be there…

Jackson has left a big part of his life behind when she left, so for the past 7 years he has stayed away from the house and the memories, but she is coming back, and he is certainly not letting her go again!

The strong feelings they share are evident through the pages, the hurt and the way she felt deceit and left behind broke my heart, even though at the time I had no idea what had happened to her, no one could have prepared me for her loss.

She was so much stronger than my first impression. At the beginning of the book we are presented with a broken hearted girl, but there’s so much more than that in her pain.

You can find this lovely book following this link :) enjoy!!!

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