Monday, December 14, 2015

RAGING HARD A Stepbrother Romance by B.B. Hamel

RAGING HARD" A Stepbrother Romance by B.B. Hamel

I got this Arc for an honest review and loved it! just as every other book from the amazing B.B. Hamel!!!! 

Nate is a navy Seals, hard every way that you look at him, he lives for his job and when he is on leave, like now, he likes to let off some steam and relax with a beautiful woman. 

And he just happens to run into one in the club he is hanging out, she is hot and different, he can't seem to gather what is it about her that entices him.

Claire is certainly out of her element in this club, she knows that there's no guy who could catch her attention, not her type at all. 

Until she runs into him and it feels like everything is on fire, she wants him, and that has never happened to her.

And then things get even better, her stepbrother is not who she wished he would be, and it will be extremely difficult to resist him.

Not to spoil the book for anyone I'm just gonna say that the story is amazing and thrilling, there's a lot of fighting, and lots of steamy sex scenes. 

The characters are really perfect together and you can feel the attraction through the pages, the stepbrother sex is not for everyone but if you don't mind then this book is for you.

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