Monday, December 14, 2015

My Best Friend's Stepfather series, by Opal Carew

Incredibly sexy book with dominance and a little taboo!

I got this three ARCs on Netgalley for an honest review and even though they were a short read it was perfect!

I wanted to read all of them and then just make one complete review so you know what you're getting into :) During the first book we find out she is doing research on dominant and sub relationship and she choses the best teacher for that.

The characters have amazing chemistry and we get a glimpse of what the next book will bring.

The fact that her friend adam seems to be inclined to dominance as well has so much potential that you can wait to read the next book to see what happens.

Dare's character, aka "the big bad dom" emanated dominance and strength, just perfection.

In the second book Ashley keeps pursuing his relationship with dare and she is almost certain that she wants more, one month is not enough and her fellings might be stronger than she had planned.

But with Helen in the middle things get complicated and she founds herself with Adam.

He is what she has always wanted but she wants both. 
Amazing sex scenes, the characters have the same perfect chemistry as in the first book and you can't help to sympathise with her need for both men. So different, still so alike.

This last book tells us what happened with this three lovers and I've got to say that I am happy with what they chose.

This resulting in AMAZING sex scenes that are worth the read!

Who would have know they would have so much sexual chemistry?! The only part I did not agree with and felt too far fetched was the pregnancy and the whole family, too much too soon.

Otherwise great book, fun, fast and easy read.

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