Monday, December 14, 2015

Everything I Left Unsaid & THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM by M. O’Keefe.


I don't know where to begin my review.

Annie's character develops perfectly, she starts as a weak, small girl and eventually turns into a strong amazing woman.

She learns to be on her own, and starts to feel comfortable on her own skin, experiencing sexuality for the first time with the help of this mystery man on the phone.

He has a dark secret that keeps him secluded and makes it impossible for him to let anyone in.

The book is full of amazing characters which's lives we only get a glimpse of, but leaves us wanting more.

The end left me seeking for more!

Overall amazing read, couldn't put the book down!


Beautiful and intense love & hate story.

I got this ARC for an honest review on Netgalley and loved it just as much as the first book of the series!
The book starts with Annie leaving Dylan and going back to the trailer park, but she lets him know she still wants him. She is already lost in him, and will do anything to be what he needs.
Tragedy strikes when the husband shows up to take her back to her worst nightmare, and in the end Dylan is there for her again, which strengthens their relationship, he knows how it feels to almost lose her and he is not taking any chances.
They are both damaged souls but within each other they find perfection, equilibrium.
Dylan struggles with his feeling of unworthiness and battles with himself for her love… is he strong enough to accept that he deserves her or will he let her go by pushing her away.
The book analyzes forgiveness on different levels, whether we are referring to his relationship with his father and big brother and the hardship they put him through, or the struggle of forgiving himself for his actions in the past and being able to feel like a whole person again.
Annie grows that much as a character that by the end of this book, we are not able to recognize this strong independent woman, so in charge of her sexuality and desires.
The sex scenes are still amazing, and the intensity between the characters is crazy!

I wouldn’t mind finding out what happened with Blake and Tiffany, there seemed to be something there or maybe it’s just me.

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