Monday, December 14, 2015

Roped In, by L. P. Dover


Sexy cowboy- bodyguard & beautiful country singer in need of saving.

I got this Arc on Netgalley for an honest review and really loved it!

She is a star and with that comes the danger of the spotlight, she is being threatened, and now it's unavoidable.

She is send to his place where they get to know one another and against all odds they are perfect together.

But life has a lot more in store for them and we get to read about them fighting to survive and for their love.

Extremely entertaining book, perfectly written!

The characters are lovable and even though some of them we only get a glimpse of, we know exactly who they are and we can make a picture in our mind of their beauty and looks.

Thats what a good book is about, getting us to really connect with them and feel a part of their story!

Plenty of action and heartbreaking moments make this book perfect! 

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