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Full-Bodied Orc -Gasm: Huge Size, Hardcore, Monster Erotica (Chronicles of Princess Maya Book 1) by Syn Root

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Oh YES!
Series: Yes, Chronicles of Princess Maya Book 1.
Subject: Giving into your deepest darkest desires.
The Standalone Orc-Gasm Novella! 
"What held my attention was that his loin cloth was now firmly propped up by the largest cock I had ever seen in my life. " 
Maya is in trouble. Her spells have all been cast, and the only charms she has left are hidden between her slick, damp elven legs.

The rainforest is crawling with members of the Hard-Pole Orc Tribe. Every instinct is telling her to run.
...Well, almost every instinct. A deep part of this reasonably, innocent elf maiden is curious as Nine Hells to know if these Sexy Beasts live up to their Clan Name... 

Now Extended into a Standalone Steaming Hot, Fantasy Monster Erotica Novella. 

This 23k Word Novella describes the Adventure of the Hard-Pole Clan, as well as Maya's Full Bodied Orc-Gasm! Contains Sex, Violence, and a HEA.

The book was definitely a surprise! It was almost midnight and I was just deciding which book was going to keep me up till late at night when I got a gift  book from amazon, the title was long and descriptive and the cover was Hot as Hell! so I had to know what it was about.

I have to say I had a blast reading it! It's a different type of read and not for everyone but I really enjoyed it! 

If you want romance and flowers then this is NOT the book for you, but if you have a darker side that sometimes comes out begging for some rough, sinful, uncensored sex scenes then go get this book NOW! 

Lets talk about the main character, Maya, I loved her from the start! She lives to satisfy her sexual thirst and from the first encounter I knew I would enjoy them all. She didn't hold back anything from us, and experiences each and every sex scene like it was her last. Which might have been the case...

I have no problem with dark books, this is indeed one of those, the consent is blurred but trust me, you wont be complaining!

It is a fast paced and fun read, I can't wait for the next one.

All I Am: Drew's Story (This Man #3.5) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, (This Man #3.5)
Subject: Taming the beast.

A new novella featuring Drew from the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man trilogy!

I’ve been revisiting a few old friends. You remember Drew? The dark, mysterious pal of Jesse’s? The cool guy, who kept himself to himself? Yes, him! It’s time for Drew to shine in a brand-spanking-new THIS MAN Novella coming June 18th! I can’t tell you how much fun I've had going back to my roots, and I just know you're gonna LOVE Mr Davies. I hope a little something while you're waiting for THE FORBIDDEN (Aug 8th) will put a smile on your face as wide as mine ☺

I thought I had control. I was so, so wrong . . .

I don’t need a relationship. 
I have Hux, a decadent club where I quench whatever raw desire I choose. I take pleasure and I give it—no strings attached. So when Raya Rivers comes in asking for someone cold, emotionless, and filthy . . . well, no man ever takes his wicked pleasure quite the way I do. 
Only Raya is different. Vulnerable. And carrying some deep sorrow that gets past all my carefully constructed walls and inexplicably makes me care. Now craving controls me. Ice has given way to red-hot need. 
But Raya has no idea about my other life—my real life. That I’m a daddy to an adorable little girl. 
My two worlds are about to collide with the force of a supernova. And once Raya knows the truth, will she be able to accept all I am?

Fast paced story where we get to see Drew fall head first into love clutches. 

He was one of my favourite characters from the series and even though it's been a while since I read the other books I still remembered him like it was yesterday.

He was dark and detached from any type of emotions while he was in his element at the club and he is happy just the way he is. He has never once questioned his lifestyle or his choices, that's why it was so sweet to see him fall hard at Raya's feet.

She blindsided him so hard he couldn't think or work, she, her demons and secrets consumed him. 

Breaking all of his rules would seem crazy but there's no way to escape his attraction and feelings towards her. He went all caveman on her and we love every minute of it.

How can he claim something that's not even his to begin with? Seeing him battle his demons and breaking down all of his walls was a pleasure to say the least.

Raya was a peculiar character, after finishing the book I realised the author didn't tell us all that much about her, we know she has been hurt and is now seeking for a way to escape, but other than the fact that she finds drew hot, we don't know much about her feelings till the end of the book.

I loved every minute of this story!

About Jodi…
Jodi was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse & mojito addict, and has a terrible weak spot for Alpha Males.

Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion – a passion she now shares with her devoted readers

She’s now a proud #1 New York Times bestselling author – all seven of her published novels have hit the New York Times best sellers list – as well as the Sunday Times list and various international best seller lists. Her work is now published in over 24 languages across the world.

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Pet: A Dark Menage Romance by Isabella Starling

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, The Wicked Horse Vegas #1.

My name is Pet. My story is going to break your heart.

The first thing you should know about me, is that I'm a good girl.

I follow directions. I bend at the waist. I do anything and everything my King tells me to.
But King is demanding. King is dangerous. He wants to hurt me.

And there is only one person who can help me run away from King...
Except I don't know if I want to leave him. I don't know if I can.

Good pets always obey their master... But what if I want to have two?

PET is a standalone 95,000 word novel. This is a DARK romance!

This book was definitely different from other Isabella's books but it was still amazing!

Pet was a lost and damaged young girl, we don't know yet why she is thus way but we can see she is just going through life as if she has nothing left. She has no ambition and no plans, and for some reason she doesn't have any friends left.

Her meeting King was intense from the beginning, he saw something in her, behind her harsh words and fake bravado there was this scared little girl who needed his guidance.

 The book was super fast paced so if you don't like that then this is not the story for you. That being said, it didn't feel forced, she submitted to him in a complete and natural way. 

But they both had secrets and those would be the end of them. 

I didn't understand why King held back during the whole book till the end, I guess you will soon figure it out too. He really surprised me, on his worst moment he showed me that he was just a man and that made me see him under a different light; not this dominating god, but a man who just didn't know what to do.

Lets talk about Stranger... He blew it out of the water with his appearance and first scene in the book. He was just what Pet needed even though she didn't know it yet. 

From the group, he was the less damaged, yes he had some issues but he was less limited by his past or present circumstances than the rest of them.

A good story and amazing sex scenes!

Isabella Starling started out as a voracious reader of dark romance, and has since evolved her love of reading into writing dark, twisted romantic tales. When not spending time with her boyfriend, two cats & a Labrador pup, she's chatting away to author friends and plotting her next release.

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I Knew You Were Trouble (Oxford #4) by Lauren Layne

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Oxford #4.
Subject: Opposite attract and burn everything on their paths.

New York City’s hottest bachelors are stirring up trouble in this fun, flirty Oxford Novel, as a love triangle forces a feisty beauty to choose between winning back Mr. Right or giving in to Mr. Wrong.

Taylor Carr has it all—a sleek job in advertising, a stunning Manhattan apartment, and the perfect man to share it with: Bradley Calloway. Even after Bradley dumps her for a co-worker on move-in day, Taylor isn’t worried. She’ll get her man eventually. In the meantime, she needs a new roommate. Enter Nick Ballantine, career bartender, freelance writer—and longtime pain in Taylor’s ass. Sexy in a permanent five-o’clock-shadow kind of way, Nick knows how to push Taylor’s buttons, as if he could see right through to the real her.

Nick’s always trying to fix people, and nobody could use a good fixing more than Taylor. Sure, she’s gorgeous, with mesmerizing silver eyes, but it’s her vulnerability that kills him. Now that they’re shacking up together, the chemistry is out of control. Soon they’re putting every part of their two-bedroom apartment to good use. Then Taylor’s ex comes crawling back to her, and Nick figures she’ll jump at the chance to go back to her old life—unless he fights for the best thing that ever happened to him.

Don’t miss any of Lauren Layne’s juicy Oxford Novels:


Another success from the author and another amazing couple to add to the beautiful ones we already met in this series.

I loved Nick Ballantine since I got to meet him in the previous book and now it's his time to tell his story. 

He is all fun and games, or that is what it seems at first, but in this book we get to see another part of him Something awful happened to him and that has changed the way in which he sees people, he can't trust as easily as he had before. 

This thing he has going with Taylor was fun and games at first but he is slowly figuring out there is more to her than the minx he has gotten accustomed too, behind the facade lays a beautiful and scared woman, and he is slowly understanding that she has the power to destroy him.

Taylor didn't have the most balanced and happy upbringing, she is damaged and has a hard time lowering her walls and letting people in. She gets into relationships where she knows she can't get hurt and that's the only way she knows; but after getting close to Nick she is not sure what she likes or wants anymore.

Opposites attract takes a whole new meaning in this story where we get to see these characters fight tooth and nails to avoid the reality that they might just be perfect for each other.

Letting go of their fears is their challenge and they will need to trust each other and lower their walls to find the type of true happiness that might be truly foreign to them.

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Bradley froze when he saw her, and she was pretty sure she saw the urge to turn and run flicker across his face.
Again she felt a stab of disappointment. In him. And in herself for apparently having misread him. She’d thought he was better than this.
Bradley’s eyes moved between her and Nick, and though he didn’t look all that surprised at seeing them bickering, his gaze grew hard as he saw Nick’s hand on Taylor’s face.
Nick, naturally, took his sweet time removing it, and she resisted the urge to kick his shin.
“Morning, Bradley,” Taylor said, pleased that her voice sounded calm and friendly. As well it should. She’d had plenty of practice over the better part of a year pretending that she and Bradley were nothing more than colleagues.
Other than a few close friends who knew they were dating, they’d done a mostly decent job of hiding their romantic relationship from coworkers. Better than she and Nick had done hiding their antagonistic one.
“Hey, Taylor. Nick,” Bradley said.
He entered the room and reached for a coffee mug, turning his attention toward the other man. “Didn’t realize you’d taken on another assignment. What for?”
“Not sure,” Nick said, checking his watch. “Have a meeting with Cassidy in a few to find out.”
“Here’s hoping it’s an offsite gig that takes you far, far away. Maybe he needs someone to cover Siberian winters,” Taylor said to Nick, even as she watched Bradley out of the corner of her eye.
“Don’t need to travel to find severe winter. It doesn’t get any chillier than right here,” Nick retorted, waving his hand over her head in a storm cloud gesture.
She shoved his hand aside, her attention still on Bradley, who was determinedly avoiding her gaze.
It was going to be darn hard to get him to see reason when he wouldn’t even make eye contact.
Nick, ever too perceptive for his own good, noticed the tension and gave a quick look between her and Bradley, his gaze turning speculative.
She shot him a warning look that clearly said, Don’t.
He shot an answering smile that clearly said, Watch me.
“Bradley, don’t suppose you’re in the market for a roommate?” Nick asked, his voice deceptively casual.
Bradley’s head snapped up, and finally, finally his blue gaze collided with Taylor’s. Dammit. Why did he have to be so beautiful? He was like a mischievous angel, all twinkling blue eyes, dimples, a sexy cleft in his chin, dark blond wavy hair . . .
“What?” he asked Nick distractedly, still looking at Taylor.
“Taylor here wants to share her original crown molding with someone.”
Bradley winced, and Taylor felt a little surge of gratitude toward Nick. He couldn’t have known it, but it was the perfect jab. She and Bradley were both into prewar architecture—had eaten up the broker’s description of all the building’s original elements.
Taylor should be sharing that crown molding with Bradley. And he damn well knew it.
His eyes met hers in silent misery—an apology that she wasn’t quite ready to accept. Heck, she wasn’t even ready to acknowledge it, because she had no intention of being dumped. Not by him, not by any man.
Taylor ignored the guilt written all over Bradley’s face as she held his gaze. “Yes, it seems I unexpectedly have a free bedroom and more rent than I can afford. If either of you knows anyone looking for a roommate . . .”
Bradley’s handsome face twisted regretfully, and he set his coffee aside, taking a step toward her, apparently forgetting—or not caring—that Nick was still in the room.
“Taylor. Damn it. I told you—”
“Actually, I do,” Nick said, interrupting.
Taylor forced her gaze away from Bradley’s pleading face toward Nick’s smug one. “You know someone who needs a roommate?”
“Yup.” He crossed his arms and watched her.
She made an impatient gesture with her hand. “Who? It can’t be one of your ex-girlfriends—I don’t want to inadvertently hear any gross details about you. And not one of your frat-boy guy friends—my living room isn’t cut out for Call of Duty.”
“Yeah, because that’s all I do all day.”
She rolled her eyes. “Okay, for real, who is it?”

His grin was slow, sly, and the very definition of trouble. “Me.”

Author Info
Lauren Layne is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen romantic comedies.

A former e-commerce and web marketing manager from Seattle, Lauren relocated to New York City in 2011 to pursue a full-time writing career.

She lives in midtown Manhattan with her high-school sweetheart, where she writes smart romantic comedies with just enough sexy-times to make your mother blush. In LL's ideal world, every stiletto-wearing, Kate Spade wielding woman would carry a Kindle stocked with Lauren Layne books. 


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Wicked Favor (The Wicked Horse Vegas #1) by Sawyer Bennett

My Rating: 5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, The Wicked Horse Vegas #1.
Subject: Giving in to your biggest and darkest fantasies.

New York Times bestselling author, Sawyer Bennett, is happy to introduce a new Wicked Horse club in Las Vegas and you’re cordially invited to attend the grand opening...

As the owner of The Wicked Horse, an elite sex club located along the Vegas Strip, Jerico Jameson never spends the night alone. Gorgeous, ripped, and totally alpha, Jerico doesn’t grant favors and will rarely give you the time of day—unless he wants you in his bed. So when the sister of his sworn enemy shows up asking for help, saying no should be easy. But when Jerico takes one look at her and sees an opportunity to help this beautiful woman while exacting revenge on her brother, he’s not about to pass that up.

Beaten and bruised, Trista Barnes is running out of options, and Jerico is her last chance to get out of the mess she’s in. She doesn’t know why Jerico despises her brother so much, but as long as he can help her, she doesn’t care. Jerico offers her safety while opening her up to a sinful world she never knew existed. 

As she succumbs to Jerico’s erotic charm, Trista lets herself fall into the wicked world of guilt free pleasure with no regrets. Under his strong alpha hand, she blooms, and so does Jerico’s possessiveness. But what happens when Trista finds out she was a pawn in Jerico’s game all along, and that the price for his favor was steeper than she ever imagined – her heart.

Oh! How I miss the Wicked Horse bunch! This book was just what I needed to clench the thirst.

The Vegas club is just like the original one and here we get to meet Jerico, he is strong, cold and commands everyone around him. His life seemed to be perfect and he wasn't looking for anything else, but we know how this things work, out of the blue comes Trista and everything changes. 

He was seeking revenge at first but he could not foresee that she would change him so deeply, nothing will ever matter except being around her.

Trista was perfection! she had this thirst for life and even though things weren't easy at the time, she was willing to open herself up to new experiences. She was blindsided too by their attraction and chemistry, even though she might have been scared at first, there was no stopping them from getting close.

Accepting their feeling for each other was their biggest challenge, and with all the lies that lay between them, their little peace of heaven seemed to be doomed before they could even get started and their fast road to destruction was inevitable.

Jerico was such a good dom, he could read her like a book and took her to some amazing highs. I really enjoyed the way in which he started to change and became this perfect man, who wasn't scared of his feeling anymore. He went all caveman on her and I loved every minute of it!

He had been hurt deeply and with Trista he found a way of being whole again.

An amazing story!


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Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released more than 30 books and has been featured on both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists on multiple occasions.
A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.
Sawyer likes her Bloody Marys strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active toddler, as well as full-time servant to two adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or a combination of the two.

She pops her head in first and gives me a tentative smile. “You busy?”
“Not at all,” I tell her as I wave her in.
She disappears for a moment, and then opens the door wider. I see she’s carrying a large, plastic container that’s dome shaped and has a handle on top. My eyes only flick to it briefly before coming back to her. She’s much better to look at.
Shutting the door behind her, she walks up to my desk with a goofy grin on her face and sets the plastic container in front of me. I look down at it, and then up to her. “What’s that?”
“Something I made for you this morning,” she says, unlocking the tabs at the bottom. She lifts the dome top off, and I’m staring at a cake in front of me.
Slowly, I look back up to her. “You made me a cake?”
“Not just any cake,” she says while wagging a finger at me. “A four-layer, homemade red velvet cake with whipped mascarpone icing.”
“Jesus,” I mutter as I look at the cake, wondering what this weird squeezing sensation is in my chest. When I look back up to her, I have to ask her again, “You made that just for me?”
“Just for you,” she says with satisfaction all over her face. “You said it was your favorite, and I had some time this morning after pancakes.”
I push out of my chair and wave a hand at the cake. “You just happened to have all these ingredients, huh? You routinely use something as odd as mascarpone?”
Her grin turns mischievous as she shrugs. “Well, I may have had to go to the grocery store for a few things.”
Jesus fuck. I can’t believe she did that for me.
My mind races over the years, and I can’t remember anyone doing something so randomly nice for me. So spontaneous and with the sole intention of doing it to please me.
Picking up the cake, I round the desk and head for the side door that connects to my kitchen. “Let’s take this next door.”
I don’t miss the disgruntled expression on Trista’s face as she clearly expected me to act differently. I’m sure she was thinking I’d be a bit more effusive in my praise, and I intend to be.
Just… in my apartment.
She follows me through the door as I balance the cake on my hand. I immediately lay it down on my kitchen counter and spin around just as she’s walking through the door, taking her face in my hands and walking right into her. My mouth hits hers. She gives a huff of surprise as I turn slightly and back her into the refrigerator. Angling my head, I kiss her deeply. It’s possible because she angles hers the other way, opening her mouth to give me entrance.
Yes, it’s a deep kiss, but it’s not sexual. It’s a show of unbridled happiness that makes me feel like a kid, or perhaps it’s gratitude that Trista perhaps thinks this is something other than “just sex”.
When I pull away, Trista’s cheeks are pink and she’s slightly panting. She whispers breathlessly to me, “I should make you cake more often.”
The grin that breaks wide is my answer, followed by another swift kiss. Then I’m turning away from her and grabbing a fork out of my drawer. Without any pomp, and certainly no circumstance to wait for a plate, I punch my fork down into the top of the cake and pull a huge chunk out.
“Oh, my God.” Trista giggles as she comes to stand beside me at the counter. I angle toward her as I bring the fork to my lips, open my mouth wide, and shove the cake in. Cheeks bulging and the taste of rich cake and lightly sweet, tangy frosting coating my tongue, I groan in satisfaction. Our eyes stay locked as I chew and chew and chew, and finally swallow the heaven in my mouth. Trista’s eyes are sparkling with humor and a bit of pride.
“Good?” she asks.
I give a swipe of my tongue over my bottom lip to catch some stray frosting there. “It’s amazing. Thank you.”
She beams a brilliant smile as she sets the cake carrier on the counter and turns toward the door that leads back into my office. “You’re welcome. Now… I’ve got to get going.”
“Wait,” I say as I snag her arm and turn her back to me. “You just got here.”
“And my work is done,” she says impishly, going to her tiptoes to give me a quick kiss. “I’m meeting Mom and Corinne for lunch, and I’ve got to get going.”
Well, there goes all thought of spending my afternoon with Trista in bed rather than golfing.
But I’d never begrudge her time with Jolene and Corinne. Their unity right now is extremely important. I do pull her into me and wrap my arms around her waist after throwing the fork into the sink. Trista’s hands come to my chest as she looks up at me curiously.
“Take the night off,” I tell her softly and I have to admit, the way her eyes go warm makes me feel fucking really good. “Make it an entire day and night thing with Corinne, okay?”
“Really?” she asks with sweetest type of surprise in her eyes.
“Yeah,” I murmur as I tighten my arms around her. “I’ll keep myself occupied with the cake tonight.”
Her lips quirking, she gets a playful look in her eyes. “We could… um… FaceTime each other later.”
My eyebrows rise with interest, but I play a little stupid. “FaceTime?”
“Naked. FaceTime.” She annunciates each word slowly, and my dick perks up at this suggestion.
And for a man who has done about every dirty thing imaginable, it hits me hard that this is something new. Something I’ve never done with another woman and now, I’m glad she’s not coming so I can have something new and unique just with Trista.
“What time might you be calling me?” I ask in a husky voice.
“Be ready around eleven,” she says, pressing into me. “Clothing is optional.”
“Wrong,” I tell her with a shake of my head. “Naked is mandatory.”

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A Vow of Thorns (Blackest Gold #3) by R. Scarlett

My Rating: 5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Blackest Gold #3.
Subject: Risking all for the love of a lifetime.

Title: A Vow Of Thorns (Blackest Gold, #3)
Author: R. Scarlett
Genre: New Adult/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 1 , 2017


Never disobey the court. Never disobey the crown. And never tame that vicious heart. In A Vow of Thorns, sacred laws are broken when a beauty holds an iron heart.
Purchase your copy today!

She did it again, I Don't know why I act so surprised, because the author has rocked our worlds time after time since this series started, and this one is no exception. 

If you haven't fallen for Tensley yet let me tell you, you will be head over hills in love with him after this book. He has changed so much since the first time we saw him, he has transformed into this strong, lovable and romantic man, that stole my heart and burned it up at the end.

Even when everything is against them, they found a way to forget about the outside world and just let go. I didn't think Tensley could do that, he was always so focused and scared of his feelings. But mostly he was scared of Molly.

She was everything he never knew he wanted, and now after her betrayal it was hard to let her in again, she almost ruined him and she had the power to destroy him altogether.

I loved Molly since book one, she was scared obviously, who wouldn't be, but she made a choice and finally in this book we get to see her accepting who she really is, and fighting for the ones she love.

I don't want to spoil anything but I just have to say, that cliffhanger almost killed me! why would you do that Mrs. Scarlett!?!?! 

Overall and amazing book I can't wait for the next one in the series, I really physically can't!! Give it to us now!!!! :p 


Vein Of Love

About The Author

R. Scarlett
R. Scarlett lives in a small quaint town in Southern Ontario, Canada and has an unhealthy obsession with mythology and romance.
From studying English literature and minoring in History, she loves losing herself in a good book and snuggling up to her Brittany Spaniel. When she's not writing or plotting a delicious novel, she can be found hanging out with friends and family, going on long car rides, exploring small towns, or watching reruns of Sex and the City.