Sunday, May 21, 2017

Liar Liar (Liar Liar #1) by L.A. Cotton

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Liar Liar #1.
Subject: Lies will destroy them all.
For eighteen-year-old Becca Torrence, the chance to finish high school in a new town, where no one knows her or the secrets of that night, should be a dream come true. But when the first day of school rolls around, something is wrong.

Instead of being greeted with warm smiles and reassuring hellos, Becca finds herself on the receiving end of icy stares and cruel whispers. Putting it down to her status as an outsider, she holds her head high, because they can’t know.

They can’t.

Can they?

Determined to make her new life in Credence work, Becca is willing to do whatever it takes to fit in. Even if it means losing herself in the process.

A white lie can save you … Too many lies will break you.

This was a hard book to read, because the subject the author chose to write about is something real, and unfortunately, an awful thing that happens nowadays at schools, bullying.

The main character, Becca, has a secret that we don't know yet, but it has changed her in suck a deeper level that she needs to reinvent herself and it has cost her to loose everything she had. 
She is having a hard time getting her life back because for some unknown reason the queen bee at her new school is after her and her life is slowly becoming a new kind of hell.

Becca is stronger than what people think but all the lies she has put in place are starting to close in on her and she is not sure she can keep going this way.

Her salvation comes in the name of Evan, a brooding and beautiful guy who she can't seem to stop thinking about. But he has secrets of his own and when the lies come to light there might be nothing left.

Becca feels like life is finally getting better, new friends and the possibility of love seemed impossible until now, but she is starting to believe in it again.

We know how lies tend to ruin everything, they were all scared of the truth but they will learn that hiding it can have the ability to destroy them all.

I'm off to the next book!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Broken Angel - The Fallen Chronicles- Book Two By Amanda Jones

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Broken Angel 
The Fallen Chronicles 
Book Two
By Amanda Jones

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Date of Publication: June 30, 2017
Cover Artist:  Jenny Dixon
Tagline: Dancing with the Devil…

Book Description:
Mara is a beautiful and talented surgeon with everything going for her…at least on the surface.  She has a dark secret she has kept buried for centuries. 

Bataryal is a fallen angel broken beyond repair…or so it seems.
Will the beautiful surgeon who saved his life also be able to redeem him, or will Bataryal’s damaged soul lead them both into the depths of Hell…

New Concepts Publishing                        Amazon

Before she could react, B sat up and grabbed her with his freshly set hand, drawing her face towards his.  He felt his heart leap as their lips touched ever so gently at first.  He’d dreamed of kissing her since the first time he’d laid eyes on her, and could only hope that the feelings she’d admitted to were true.  Her lips moved softly upon his, her tongue darting out to lick along the line of his lips.  B opened his mouth and let her in, their tongues sliding together sensually as his body came to life.  It was a feeling he thought he’d never fully experience, the blood pounding in his veins, his heart jumping in his chest.  Mara’s arms came up to circle him, one around his back, the other sliding up his neck, her nails raking along his scalp near the nape of his neck.  The tiny shivers from her sharp little nails were more erotic than any sexual experience he’d ever had.  B’s heart felt like it was soaring free.  Maybe there really could be a happy ending for him.

Dark Angel
The Fallen Chronicles 
Book 1
By Amanda Jones

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Date of Publication: March 29, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-60394-970-5
Number of pages: 141 
Word Count: 81,321
Cover Artist: Jenny Dixon

Tagline: With this fallen angel it never felt so good to be bad!

Book Description: 

Katia may be a celebrated musician, but she'd always felt a little like an outsider looking in. Who knew that being abducted by a handsome stranger would set her on a crash course with her destiny...
Luc has spent an eternity keeping everyone and everything at a distance as an unstoppable darkness consumes his soul. Will his beautiful captive be his salvation, or will they both be consumed by the ultimate evil...

New Concepts Publishing                        Amazon

About the Author: 

Amanda Jones lives in Toronto with her exceptionally spoiled pets.  Aside from sharing her crazy imagination with others through her books Amanda enjoys travelling and frequent Netflix binges.  Amanda has worked in several fields including sports, music, film, corporate human resources, and is a graduate of York University and Sheridan College.

Twitter: @AmandaLJ1981 

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hot Shot (Last Shot #2) by Kelly Jamieson

My Rating: 5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes. 
Series: Yes, Last Shot #2.
Subject: A modern time Fairy tale.
A former Navy SEAL and current bad boy bar owner learns to trust a free spirit in this steamy novel of unexpected romance from the bestselling author of Body Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Marco Solis knows that if he gets too close to people they disappear. His parents were deported back to Mexico when he was fourteen, his fiancée married someone else while he was in the military, and now his business partner’s spending more time with his girl than with Marco. For better or worse, that’s how Marco meets Carrie Garner. She’s legitimately model-hot. She’s also a nut—a wild, artsy, unapproachable nut. So why is Marco so interested in cracking her shell?

Although Carrie Garner is a natural in front of the camera, her dream is to make it as a photographer. Soon she’ll be heading to Spain for design school, and she’ll miss her best friend, Hayden, like crazy. She’ll even miss Hayden’s boyfriend, Beck—but she won’t miss Beck’s partner, Marco. Bossy, brooding, and annoyingly sexy, Marco really pushes her buttons, though he obviously wouldn’t mind pushing her buttons in an up-against-the-wall, hard-and-fast kind of way. The craziest part is, if Carrie lets him do that, well . . . she may never want to leave.

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

I love Kelly's books and the Last shot series is by far one of my favourites! These amazing characters take us on a crazy new ride, now featuring Marco and Carrie's story.

They hated each other at first sight, or that was what they thought. They were misguided, both of them had huge self-esteem problems generated by bad things happening in their lives, and they let that cloud their image of themselves and each other.

Together they realize that their lives are not so bad after all and they have a lot to offer. 

Carrie, beautiful model, fun and outgoing was actually a sweet and insecure woman on the inside; but Marco freed something in her and now she felt she could do and be anything. The problem was, she just wanted one thing more than anything now, and she was sure it was impossible.

Marco has been a favourite of mine since book 1, with his sexy Spanish and cute pick up lines; but he was so much more. He had a troublesome past that left some scars and life always showed him that people leave and he was okay with it, it was the way things worked, that's why he chose not to get attached. Until now, she changed everything and for the first time he didn't want to be left behind.

It was fun and amazing to watch these two dance around each other totally clueless; it shows us how sometimes out of fear we don't say things and accept situations for what we think they are and by doing that we loose great opportunities. 

I always though that when you want something you have to go for it with everything you got, and if even then it's still not working then it wasn't meant to be, but you will have no regrets after wards. 

A true fairy tale of modern times, I love every second of this book!



Friday, May 12, 2017

Vernal (The Royal Protector Academy #1) by Randi Cooley Wilson

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes. 
Series: Yes, The Royal Protector Academy #1.
Subject: Changing your destiny.
Serena has a bright future etched in stone. 
Tristan has a dark past that haunts him. 
Together, they have a love that can never be.

Sheltered, and unable to escape her bloodline, Serena St. Michael has spent the last two years training at the Royal Protector Academy. Struggling with a dark past, Tristan Gallagher’s current assignment is to protect a lifetime of secrets. One chance encounter will change everything. Serena must decide if she will follow her heart, forsaking all she’s ever known and risking a future worse than non-existence. Tristan will break every rule to save Serena, even if he can’t keep her. In their world of darkness, one love will ignite an ancient war. When pasts collide with the present, and secrets are revealed, will love be enough? Or will one lie destroy it all?

When you’ve hidden behind a mask for so long, would you reveal yourself for love? Vernal, the first novel in The Royal Protector Academy series is a dangerously exciting and darkly romantic tale that will take your breath away.

Well I read this book without realising that it came after the revelation series, and it was a bit of a spoiler I must admit since I haven't finished the series yet. But I tried to keep the stories separated in my mind and kind of work ( I'm hoping).

That being said it was really fun to read about this new generation of gargoyles, their friends and enemies. They reminded me so much about their predecessors that I couldn't hold it together and wanted them to get over themselves and love each other, like yesterday. 
But that's not how stories work so we bear with them fighting each other at every turn and at the same time falling so hard that there might not be a way back for either.

The main characters were amazing! Serena was strong, independent and smart; a bit too immature at first for my taste but she is young so we will forgive her for that.

Tristan was so ... Gage, yeah I think that's the best way to describe him, so similar but at the same time not that tainted by darkness. He might be going through a rough moment now but he doesn't know true darkness like his progenitor. He recognised the feeling from the start, he couldn't accept it but he knew; and that showed us he had a big and beautiful beating heart within.

And the cliffhanger we knew was coming, I can't wait to read the next part of this amazing an thrilling story!


The Book of Summer by Michelle Gable

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: No. 
Series: No.
Subject: Diferent lives of people who have a house in common.
Physician Bess Codman has returned to her family's Nantucket compound, Cliff House, for the first time in four years. Her great-grandparents built Cliff House almost a century before, but due to erosion, the once-grand home will soon fall into the sea. Though she' s purposefully avoided the island, Bess must now pack up the house and deal with her mother, a notorious town rabble-rouser, who refuses to leave.

The Book of Summer unravels the power and secrets of Cliff House as told through the voices of Ruby Packard, a bright-eyed and idealistic newlywed on the eve of WWII, the home's definitive guestbook, and Bess herself. Bess's grandmother always said it was a house of women, and by the very last day of the very last summer at Cliff House, Bess will understand the truth of her grandmother's words in ways she never contemplated. 

This one was a hard book to read. 
Like other work from the author I've had the pleasure of reading, it's about real people and real life problems. It's never easy reading about loss of lives, ending of friendships or extremely hard decisions that have to be made.

The author takes us on a long ride through all the lives that have passes though this Summer house during a time when life wasn't easy. The country was at war, lives were lost and people got lost too within the craziness of battle. 

Nowadays it might seem difficult to understand, with all the technology we manage, but back then people lost touch for years and years and there was nothing they could do. Sometimes all they had were the memories they made, and this house was full of them. 

It was really interesting the way in which the author connected the past lives with the lives of the present occupants of the house, and how things tend to repeat, lies and secrets stay hidden forever, and in most cases they end up mixed up with the memories of these peoples.

When talking about love the author has a melancholy about it, the main characters are trapped in lives where they choose to ignore the problems to find something close to happiness and some of them are too scared to take the leap and find out what could it be if they just chose love. A lot like real life itself.

A truly amazing read.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sex in the Sticks (Love Hurts #1) by Sawyer Bennett

My Rating:  5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Love Hurts #1.
Subject: Leaving the city to find your own piece of heaven.
Wake up and feel the wood! In the first of a series of irresistible standalone romances from New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett, a city girl rediscovers love and lust in the Alaskan wilderness.

Valentine French may be the sassiest dating columnist in New York City, but the abundance of metrosexuals in her adopted metropolis is seriously cramping her style. Where are the beefy all-American boys? Hoping to find some inspiration, Val heads to Alaska, where the men outnumber the women fifteen to one and wrestle grizzly bears for sport. Or so she can only imagine. Suddenly the most eligible bachelorette in a town full of horny lumberjacks, Val is writing her best columns ever. But if she doesn’t get her nose out of her laptop, she just might miss out on Mr. Right.

Logan Burke is the sheriff of the little podunk town that Val finds so charmingly backward. He’s not that different from the guys she’s using for her little experiment; it’s just that one date would never be enough for Logan. As he listens to Val complain about love over beers in the local tavern, he realizes that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Because if she would ever give up her Prada bags and fourteen-dollar martinis, Logan would give her the only luxury that matters: his heart.

I missed Sawyer Bennett's books, I was so excited when I got this one for review, I couldn't wait to get started!

Valentine is everything we wish we could be, super confident, rich, fun and beautiful; but she is really lonely, even though she hasn't figured it out yet. She is bored of NYC, so she decides a trip might be exactly what she needs.

The story was hilarious, she gets to Alaska and the adventures begin. This city girl is up for a bunch of surprises and mishaps before she can finally find what she was didn't even know she needed, but was exactly what she was looking for.

Logan was just WOW, a knight in shinning Armour in the middle of Alaska. He was there for her from the beginning and even though he didn't want to accept he liked her he couldn't stay away.

A match made in heaven. Once they come together, there's nothing any of them can do to stop the heat from consuming them. 

But Val still holds many secrets and they might be their ending. She needs to shed her last walls and finally let someone in  if she wants to find true happiness.

Just perfection! Like always a pleasure reading Sawyer's books.



Monday, May 1, 2017

Their Spoiled Brat (A MFM Daddy Romance) by J.L. Beck

My Rating:  4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: No.
Subject: Short menage story.
She’s going to call us Daddy, even if she doesn’t want too. 

My twin brother and I love women, and we love sharing them even more. So the moment we lay eyes on the innocent little Stephanie we know we have to have her. You see we have money, and a kink that needs to be met and Steph while she looks like she could be the perfect brat for us. 

They both want me. Two alpha’s set on making my dreams come true. I’ve never done the things they want me to do but with both of them taking control of me I know I have nothing to worry about. 

Still I’ve got Daddy issues, issues that money can solve and the Wright brothers know just how to tempt me not only out of my clothes and into their bed but into a deal I can’t refuse. 

The only problem is will I be able to walk away after having tasted both of them? I mean, I can’t be their spoiled little brat forever, can I?

-This is a STEAMY M/F/M romance that ends in a HEA. This is SMUT all the way through. Pour yourself a drink, and shuck the panties to the floor because it's time to get dirty with the Wright brothers.-

This is the J.L. Beck's first menage book I've read and I loved it!

It is a fun and fast read, full of hot sex scenes and crazy sexual moments between the characters. 

The plot is super fast paced: meet + sex= insta-love; but if you are looking for a steamy story with two extremely irresistible guys and a strong but inexperienced woman this is the story for you.

Since the moment she meets the twins there's no going back, she feels the pull and even though she is a bit scared she can't refuse their invitation.

I felt like there was a lot more to say, and the story was a bit cut short for my taste, but it was still enjoyable.