Monday, December 14, 2015

Ruthless- A Mafia StepbrotherRomance, by Alexis Abbott

Sexy, rough and violent stepbrothers story!

I got this Arc for an honest review and wow, it was amazing!!!! The story starts with to step siblings that had some history between them but know they are apart.

When they see each other the fire is still there and burning as hot as ever!

He is involved with the mob and she is falling in love with him all over again, only this time there's no way back.

Steamy amazing sex scenes, with a little bit of BDSM that was just perfect for me!

They have such a connection that it filters through the pages into reality!

You get hot, scared and fall in love all in the same chapter!

Bloodbaths and crazy sex, you can't have anything better!

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