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Monday, December 14, 2015

Threat, by Elena Ash

Hot hot hot stepbrother romance!

I got this ARC fir an honest review and it was perfection!

Leah, the introvert bookworm is faced with a new challenge, her dad has remarried and she has a new family, which includes a big stepbrother.

What she doesn't expect is for him to be her worst enemy, he has come back to torture her all the way from her High school nightmare, and he is hotter that she remembered.

He has a lot of hate saved for little leah, she was a brat in school and probably still is, so the bet seems like a good enough idea for threat.

But when they let go of the past they realize that there's so much more than hate between them, and its steamy and ready to explode!

This book for me was great! It was perfectly written and had amazing characters.
You love him even when he is being an idiot and you hate her when she runs from him!

Sex scenes rock!!!!

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