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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Before you Go by Clare James

And the review is up!

Title from Netgalley for review and a freebie on Amazon!

Tabi has suffered a traumatic experience and is now recovering with PTSD, her life is in pieces and she has lost everything that made her herself.

She is starting over in a new place but the darkness is following her and nothing will be the same she is just a shell of a person, until she meets Noah.

He has some darkness of himself but he is a strong and amazing guy, who relentlessly pursues her and she doesn't understand the reason.

They start traveling the long road of recovering and falling for each other with the usual bumps in the way.

The story is beautiful, about love and family, and getting back up once life has run you over.

Her character is peculiar but strong, you love her from the start.

And Noah is just amazing, he is there for her from the start.

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