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Monday, December 14, 2015

Dirty English, by Ilsa Madden- Mills

Finished reading November BOM and loved it!

We have two english hotties and a couple of strong women, what could be better!? 

Elizabeth is a strong woman who has been hurt in her past and hasn't quite been able to move on, still she is studying and living as good as she can.

But it isn't really living, she has closed her heart, and swore that no man would ever get close enough to hurt her again.

Declan is a fighter, he takes what he wants and he is slowly building the life he always dreamed of for himself.
He isn't looking for anyone and he doesn't want any woman to disrupt his concentration.

But when they meet there's something stronger than sense between them, and they fall deeply into one another.

Love is always stronger, or so they say, and in this book we see the main characters fighting for it without completely being aware of it.

It proves to be a harder fight than any them ever fought, to give themselves to one another and trust each other with their hearts.

Amazing book, crazy sex scenes and a beautiful love story!

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