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Monday, December 28, 2015

BDB Monthly Challenge – January 2016: New Year
Duration: 1st January 2016 - 31st January 2016

1. Read a book that is the first in a series
2. Read the first book added to your TBR in 2015
3. Read a book added to your TBR in January of any year
4. Read a book that was added the first year you joined GR or the oldest on your list
5. Read a book that involves new beginnings or new life
6. Read a book by a debut author
7. Read a book that is set, like the BDB, in New York, or is a New York Times bestseller
8. Read a book with the word "start" or "beginning" or “first” in the title
9. Dark Lover is the first BDB book. Read a book with a red cover or the words “dark” or “lover” in the title
10. It features Wrath and Beth. Read a book about a king, queen or ruler

OOHHH I'm so excited for this challenge can't wait to start! I will be updating my progress here :)

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