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Monday, December 14, 2015

Astaroth by Jennifer Field

Happy Saturday! Here from The beautiful San Francisco reporting about a new book to be published that I had the honor of reading :) I got this Arc for an honest review on Netgalley and found it amazing as the first one on the series.

This book seems to be a prequel to "twice lost", and here, we meet abby a common human at first sight, who lives an unhappy life with a strange and cruel man.

Then she crosses paths with a man named Roth, or most commonly known as "Astaroth" one of the seven princes of the Underworld, or mainly called a demon.

They meet and without making any sense, they fall deeply in love, and that only brings darkness and sadness into their lives.

The passion between the characters was amazing, and it was so beautifully described that you feel in love with them too.

The sex scenes are descriptive and sensual.

The way this book bonds the characters is something else, when he is back, you really feel she has been waiting for him all that time!

Overall, amazing story, and great book, perfectly written.

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