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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Undeniable, by Serena Grey

Just finished this amazing book from an amazing person and writer who again gave me her work for an honest review.

And I have to say You did it again Serena!

I  loved this book from the start!

Olivia was young and naive, but she knows that what she felt for Jackson wasn't some childish infatuation, he broke her heart and now that she is back on her feet she doesn’t want to risk it, but it’s okay, he won’t n be there…

Jackson has left a big part of his life behind when she left, so for the past 7 years he has stayed away from the house and the memories, but she is coming back, and he is certainly not letting her go again!

The strong feelings they share are evident through the pages, the hurt and the way she felt deceit and left behind broke my heart, even though at the time I had no idea what had happened to her, no one could have prepared me for her loss.

She was so much stronger than my first impression. At the beginning of the book we are presented with a broken hearted girl, but there’s so much more than that in her pain.

You can find this lovely book following this link :) enjoy!!!

Hyde and seeek, by Layla Frost

Yes yes yes!

Five amazing stars!!!!

I've had this book on my to read list for a long time now, and I'm so happy I finally got around reading it!

From the first chapter I found it impossible to put the book down, I lost a couple of hours of sleep but it was totally worth it !

So we meet Piper, innocent and beautiful baker, who happens to need some mechanics and ends up in Girl's Heaven.

From the way the author describes this men, I just didn't know if I could choose one, each and every one of them was perfection.

Though I gotta confess that Jake and Kase were my favorites

Since she meets the boys, her life becomes exciting and fun, who wouldn't want all those hot guys falling over themselves to be close to her and trying to win her over ?!

I was surprised by the level of innocence she had, I never would have though by the way she showed herself, that that was the case.
Nevertheless, Jake was really an A****hole about it, but we still love him once we know the reasons behind his choice.

The book was fun and witty, I loved each and every character, the sex scenes are Amazing !!!!!! The level of connection between the characters is of the charts.

The main problem this beautiful couple face, above all we see in the book, is their trust issues, she needs to let her walls down and he needs to understand that he is definitely good enough for her .

The twist at the end gives the book just the right amount of excitement necessary to make it thrilling !

Kase and Harlow?!?! Hell yeah ! Can't wait !!!!!!!

If you can't wait to buy it, here's the link to Amazon :) have fun!!! I sure did !

I already chose a couple of the books I will use for the challenge. The ones that are left I have no idea how to choose them 

BDB Monthly Challenge – January 2016: New Year
Duration: 1st January 2016 - 31st January 2016

1. Read a book that is the first in a series


2. Read the first book added to your TBR in 2015

The Pact (The McGregors #1) by 

3. Read a book added to your TBR in January of any year

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by 

4. Read a book that was added the first year you joined GR or the oldest on your list

Succubus Blues (Georgina Kincaid #1) by 

5. Read a book that involves new beginnings or new life

6. Read a book by a debut author

7. Read a book that is set, like the BDB, in New York, or is a New York Times bestseller

8. Read a book with the word "start" or "beginning" or “first” in the title

The Start of Us (No Regrets 0.5) by 

9. Dark Lover is the first BDB book. Read a book with a red cover or the words “dark” or “lover” in the title

10. It features Wrath and Beth. Read a book about a king, queen or ruler

OOHHH I'm so excited for this challenge can't wait to start! I will be updating my progress here :)

Monday, December 28, 2015

BDB Monthly Challenge – January 2016: New Year
Duration: 1st January 2016 - 31st January 2016

1. Read a book that is the first in a series
2. Read the first book added to your TBR in 2015
3. Read a book added to your TBR in January of any year
4. Read a book that was added the first year you joined GR or the oldest on your list
5. Read a book that involves new beginnings or new life
6. Read a book by a debut author
7. Read a book that is set, like the BDB, in New York, or is a New York Times bestseller
8. Read a book with the word "start" or "beginning" or “first” in the title
9. Dark Lover is the first BDB book. Read a book with a red cover or the words “dark” or “lover” in the title
10. It features Wrath and Beth. Read a book about a king, queen or ruler

OOHHH I'm so excited for this challenge can't wait to start! I will be updating my progress here :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Lust List series by Nova Raines

Book 1 "One Condition"

Book 2 " Tangled Lust"

Book 3 " Stolen Desire"

Book 4 " Scandal Exposed"

Finally finished Kaydan's books and I enjoyed them very much!

I got the first one for free on Amazon and since it was fun and sexy I decided to read the rest .

So Hayley is the daughter of Two LA stars, a singer and and actress, both who died tragically victims of drug abuse.
Her life, on the contrary of what everyone thinks, hasn't been easy, she has been alone her whole life and now she doesn't have any money or talent to build her life upon.

Then she meets kaydan and getting close to him holds the key to solve her problems, well money wise.

But things are not as easy at they seem, she falls for him and he for her, and everything starts to get even more complicated.

Sex, Mexican drug dealers, expensive dresses, fancy parties and a bunch of drama make this book fun and entertaining !

If they can learn to trust each other things will find a way of sorting themselves out.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Best Goodbye, by Abbi Glines

Book 13 on the Rosemary Beach Series.

FINALLY Captain and Addy Story !

He has fascinated me for some time now, I knew he had some good love story buried deep inside!

The story goes like this, captain's new restaurant is preparing for its grand opening and among his new employees there's this captivating redhead who he can't seem to stop staring. She brings back sad memories from his past and he is trying to figure out why.

Rose or Addy is a strong woman and a mother, and she's been looking for River for most of her life, she needs to know if he is worth it.

As always, an emotional roller coaster we get a little bit of our favorite characters and we fall in love with new ones.

The book is about love, you never forget your first love, and if it really was real it stays with you forever.

Before you Go by Clare James

And the review is up!

Title from Netgalley for review and a freebie on Amazon!

Tabi has suffered a traumatic experience and is now recovering with PTSD, her life is in pieces and she has lost everything that made her herself.

She is starting over in a new place but the darkness is following her and nothing will be the same she is just a shell of a person, until she meets Noah.

He has some darkness of himself but he is a strong and amazing guy, who relentlessly pursues her and she doesn't understand the reason.

They start traveling the long road of recovering and falling for each other with the usual bumps in the way.

The story is beautiful, about love and family, and getting back up once life has run you over.

Her character is peculiar but strong, you love her from the start.

And Noah is just amazing, he is there for her from the start.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Before you go by Clare James

Just started reading this book I got from Netgalley and I'm loving it!!!!!

He is sooo perfect!!  I can't wait to see what happens next 😊

Monday, December 14, 2015

Everything I Left Unsaid & THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM by M. O’Keefe.


I don't know where to begin my review.

Annie's character develops perfectly, she starts as a weak, small girl and eventually turns into a strong amazing woman.

She learns to be on her own, and starts to feel comfortable on her own skin, experiencing sexuality for the first time with the help of this mystery man on the phone.

He has a dark secret that keeps him secluded and makes it impossible for him to let anyone in.

The book is full of amazing characters which's lives we only get a glimpse of, but leaves us wanting more.

The end left me seeking for more!

Overall amazing read, couldn't put the book down!


Beautiful and intense love & hate story.

I got this ARC for an honest review on Netgalley and loved it just as much as the first book of the series!
The book starts with Annie leaving Dylan and going back to the trailer park, but she lets him know she still wants him. She is already lost in him, and will do anything to be what he needs.
Tragedy strikes when the husband shows up to take her back to her worst nightmare, and in the end Dylan is there for her again, which strengthens their relationship, he knows how it feels to almost lose her and he is not taking any chances.
They are both damaged souls but within each other they find perfection, equilibrium.
Dylan struggles with his feeling of unworthiness and battles with himself for her love… is he strong enough to accept that he deserves her or will he let her go by pushing her away.
The book analyzes forgiveness on different levels, whether we are referring to his relationship with his father and big brother and the hardship they put him through, or the struggle of forgiving himself for his actions in the past and being able to feel like a whole person again.
Annie grows that much as a character that by the end of this book, we are not able to recognize this strong independent woman, so in charge of her sexuality and desires.
The sex scenes are still amazing, and the intensity between the characters is crazy!

I wouldn’t mind finding out what happened with Blake and Tiffany, there seemed to be something there or maybe it’s just me.

Irresistibly Yours & I Wish you were mine, by Lauren Layne

I got this book for an honest review and found it incredible!

Penelope is a strange character but I loved her from the start. 

She is sweet and innocent, and extremely self-conscious, but as she starts to get comfortable in her new job, and finding new friends, she lets herself be free and happy, that’s when she changes into a stronger woman.

Cole is captivating and strong, he knows what he wants and needs, or at least that’s what he thinks, until her.

She takes him by surprise, the petite tomboy blows his mind and has him questioning everything.

Because this was my first bo
ok of the series I didn’t know any of the characters but connected really well with them and had no problem figuring them out.

They are an amazing bunch, the oxford guys and the stiletto woman made this story perfect!
The sex scenes are steamy and sensual, even the parts when sex wasn’t involved ended up being pretty intense.

I Wish you were mine by Lauren Layne

I got this book for an honest review on Netgalley, its the second one in the Oxford series and I enjoyed it as much as the first.

The main characters in this book are two sisters, Madison and Mollie, and Jackson, who happens to be marrying madison when we first meet him.

I didn't like the whole " my ex wife is a gigantic pain and a total witch to her sister" but I'm still having dinner with her.... Not in my life !!!!!! 

The relationship between Mollie and jackson is beautiful and sweet, I couldn't wait for them to figure things out and give it a try, she shouldn't even feel bad about it, madison keeps getting worse by the page.

Drawn to you, The Hooker, Addicted to you & Lost in you, Swanson Court Series, By Serena Grey

Swanson Court Series

I loved this book so much!!!!

From the beginning i got hooked with the story and the characters and couldn't wait to see what happened next.

The ending just.... I was screaming at my kindle i could not believe you left us hanging there !!!

Over all the book was super entertaining and the sex scenes just perfection! 

Can't wait for the next one!

Hot short story from his POV

I loved the first book and this just made the story better!

** spoiler alert ** I got this book for an honest review and I fell in love with the characters all over again!

The sex scenes are still amazing, and we get to see another part of Landon in this book, he is evidently in love with her but can't understand it yet.

She was all over the place, why couldn't she just admit her feelings?! It was driving me insane!

Her insecurities play against her and she keeps suffering, until she finds the courage.

How could you leave us like that again?!?!

Lost in you
Book three of the Swanson Court Series
By Serena Grey

I got this book for an honest review, the last in the series, and I have to say I'm so happy for them.

At the beginning of the book Rachel is trying to get over the fact that Landon is not coming back or her, she told him she loved him and he said nothing, so she left.

Life without him feels empty and she is sure she would never find something as good as what they had.

Landon finally accepts his feelings for her and he is never letting her go, but life has some nasty tricks still left for them to overcome, is their love strong enough?

Rachel needs to take the leap and stop running, and Landon needs to overcome his fear of her leaving.

The sex scenes are still amazing and we have a LOT of them in this last book.

I still hate Ava, she is that kind of character that always ruins everything, and this is no exception.

Its overall a beautiful book, and an amazing ending to their love story, couldn't be better!

Her Web Master, by Normandie Alleman

I got this new book on Netgalley for an honest review and I totally recommend it!!

 It has everything, amazing BDSM scenes, a perfect Dom and a beautiful obedient submissive.

I loved Sophie, even though at the beginning she seemed weak, because of her husband situation, she turned out to be an impressive character, taking charge of her life and her needs.

She meets MC and starts to explore her desires and needs, engaging in a cyber relationship with him.

The problem is, that it comes a time when that is not good enough for her anymore and she is not sure if her Master wants more from her.

The sessions are perfect, a little bit too much into pain for me but I found them entertaining nevertheless.

The relationship the characters create is sublime and you feel the connection through the pages.

Kinky language, not for everyone but it fitted the theme of the book perfectly.

Just my kind of story!

Bite Me, by C.C. Wood

Fun and sexy vampire story!

This one is a freebie on amazon so if you haven't read it yet and you like vampire sexy stories you better go get it !!!! :) The characters are relatable, and you laugh with them a lot during the book.

Donna is a regular girl who find herself falling for a vampire.

Conner is perfection made into a man, well not a man but a vampire, and he is everything she have ever wanted.

The story is fun, and the sex scenes are amazing! they really know how to use the bite during sex, just perfect!

The pace of the story is too fast for my taste, but it was a cool read, you know the type they meet they love and then marriage.

The last part spiked me with a need to read the next book so much! 

RAGING HARD A Stepbrother Romance by B.B. Hamel

RAGING HARD" A Stepbrother Romance by B.B. Hamel

I got this Arc for an honest review and loved it! just as every other book from the amazing B.B. Hamel!!!! 

Nate is a navy Seals, hard every way that you look at him, he lives for his job and when he is on leave, like now, he likes to let off some steam and relax with a beautiful woman. 

And he just happens to run into one in the club he is hanging out, she is hot and different, he can't seem to gather what is it about her that entices him.

Claire is certainly out of her element in this club, she knows that there's no guy who could catch her attention, not her type at all. 

Until she runs into him and it feels like everything is on fire, she wants him, and that has never happened to her.

And then things get even better, her stepbrother is not who she wished he would be, and it will be extremely difficult to resist him.

Not to spoil the book for anyone I'm just gonna say that the story is amazing and thrilling, there's a lot of fighting, and lots of steamy sex scenes. 

The characters are really perfect together and you can feel the attraction through the pages, the stepbrother sex is not for everyone but if you don't mind then this book is for you.

One Night Stand & That Night, by J.S. Cooper & Helen Cooper

I read this two a couple of days ago #thatnight is a short book if you want to know what it's about before buying the full length book and its free on amazon #amazonfreebiesthe #onenightstand book is a Crazy funny and pretty much unbelievable story, but worth the read! 

Liv had her one night stand and loved every minute of it, best of all, she doesn't even know his name, just his great skills in bed.

Not planning to ever see him again doesn't work as good as she hoped for and she ends up in a crazy situation with a big problem....she can't say no to him !

The plot is super fun and crazy, and we get A LOT of great sex scenes.

He is an arrogant ass but he is perfect in all the other ways.

I loved this book !