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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Private Club, by J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper.

I'm catching up with my amazon freebies this week. 

This book is the first one in The Private Club Series from J.S. Cooper and Helen Cooper. 

You can see my amazing#klevercase #loveit. Sexy and mysterious book.

Meg is a lawyer who just lost her job, and she needs one ASAP!

She ends up in an interview for a bartending spot on a private club, and that is where she meets Greyson.

He is dark mysterious and crazy hot, and he wants her! So he let her stay for a probationary period of three days, when she is supposed to pass some unknown test for a job she is not sure what entitles.

They start to get close and the chemistry between them is crazy good, I can’t wait for the actual event! ;)

There are weird things happening in this club and she is willing to risk everything to find out what that is.

So short! I was left wanting more! 

Can’t wait! 

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