Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOLD: an MFM menage (Double Delights Book 1) by Gisele St. Claire

My Rating:  4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Double Delights Book 1.
Subject: Listening to your needs and letting go of you inhibitions.
Another steamy read from Gisele St. Claire 

Everything changes for Realtor, Tiffany, with an anonymous email to her business account where the sender describes what he’d like to do to her in vivid detail. 
Then she meets him at a viewing – H, owner of Club S, where patrons bid for the stage. Soon the email is being lived out in the flesh. After, H asks her the question, “Have you ever had two men at once?” Tiffany leaves. 
With no further contact, Tiffany begins dating neighbour Brandon, but she can’t get thoughts of H and threesomes out of her mind, especially after she visits the club and sees one up close. 
She wonders if Brandon is going to be enough for her, until a shock encounter means she doesn’t have to wonder any more... 
If thoughts of two men at once are too much for your heart, better to leave this one alone. Other than that come join us...18+ erotic romance. 

Standalone Series about three naughty flatmates and their sexy adventures. 

Book 1 - Sold 
Coming soon: 
Book 2 - Submit 
Book 3 - Share 

My Review

Book given in exchange of an honest review by the author.

This is my first book from the author and I really enjoyed it! Her book has everything I like, great sex scenes, amazing alpha males and oh yeah... threesome scenes!

If you are not into that kind of sex scene then this is not the book for you, but if you do enjoy a little bit of MFM and a lot of hot dark sex then get this book now, you won't regret it!

Tiffany and her friends where just hilarious, I had a lot of fun reading about their quirks and adventures. We really get to know them in a few chapters and that's what creates a strong connection with the characters and the plot. I felt part of their little group and wanted them as my BFF too !

We then meet H, he is mysterious, dark, sexy, rich and he knows what he wants. He didn't hesitate to take it when he could and I just went crazy with their first scene together. The control he had over her was something that couldn't be faked, they had insane chemistry.

Brandon is different, he seeks a real connection, mind and body; we can tell it's not just sex for him, he really likes Tiffany. 

She was my favourite character, she had no inhibition about sex and felt free to just hook up and have fun, a girl after my own heart!
She knew she needed more and when the opportunity presented itself she never hesitated she went for it and because of that she experienced perfection!

I loved it!

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