Monday, January 11, 2016

Dirty Little Lies, by Clare James

Five crazy hot stars!!!!!!

ARC for honest review on Netgalley.

Well this book was just perfect!

Stevie is an amazing character, when we first meet her she is broken, she doesn’t feel sexy anymore and she is in a pleasure-less relationship where she is definitely not happy.

When the secrets come out she has the perfect excuse to run away from her life and following this crazy magazine article she starts to “Get her sexy back in six easy steps”.

But that wouldn’t be possible without the sexy commanding Gabe who steals her breath away from the start, and commands her body with his dark compelling voice.

He shows her a part of herself she never knew and also helps her get in touch with the parts she lost touch with.

The fact that Stevie changes before our eyes, not only physically but also personality wise is crazy. At the end of the book she is this strong beautiful woman, who takes what she wants no questions asked, nothing like the shy different girl in a sea of Ken Dolls we meet at the beginning.

This book is about finding what you need and not settling for anything less, we all deserve to be as happy as we can be, and there is nothing you should avoid because it seems improper, if something excites you, you should go for it!

Life is short! Forget about what people would think and enjoy the ride!

The writing was really good and I felt the connection with the characters, they had extremely detailed personalities that allowed me to truly get to know them.

The sex scenes include BDSM play and its crazy good, the club’s picture in my imagination was paradise.

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