Monday, January 25, 2016

Holding Her Hand (The Reed Brothers #9) by Tammy Falkner

My Rating: Four Stars 

Series: Book 9 in The Reed Brothers Series

Sex Scenes: YES!!!!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Main Characters: Lark & Ryan

Still with the reed family here!

This book, I've got to say that I liked a lot! but I'm starting to feel as if the falling is happening too fast anyone else here with me?

What I loved about these series from the beginning, was that fabulous way in which the woman fight off these strong men approaches because they need to be sure they are what they say they are, and they won't give up the fight until they realize they are worth of them.

These two last book, even though they were really really good, they lacked that.
It went kind of like this: "Hey how are you ? oh I'm gonna fight this attraction but then... better just love him instead."

What I did love about this book was that the characters teach us to accept people with their differences and for who they are, we all are different in our own ways, but that is what makes it more interesting!

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