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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Naked, by Gina Gordon (A Body and Soul Novel)

I got this book for an honest review on Netgalley and I found it inspirational and beautiful.

Violet is a young woman with a secret, she looks put together and normal, but this secret has defined her for the last couple of months and her time for figuring out how to fix herself is running out.

She is isolated and the only thing that catches her attention is the beautiful neighbor, but she is keeping her distance until she has no other choice.

Being around him is addictive, and he is slowly setting her free, even though she wasn’t aware of the fact that she was a prisoner inside her own body.

Both characters had mayor self-steam issues, they were certainly different, but what both of them had in common was that they thought they weren’t good enough.

Noah is a strong beautiful man, but life has changed him, and he is unsure of his worth, and being with violet is like sticking his fingers into his wound, she is everything he is scared of, but he can’t let go.

Violet’s life is off center, and while trying to fix everything she is also slowly accepting herself again.

This is a beautiful story about loving and accepting yourself, no matter where you come from, or how you look like, we are all beautiful in our own way, for instance, her marks are symbol of her strength, she is a survivor and where you come from or your money don’t define Noah, he is passionate, talented and an amazing man, and that is what Violet loves about him.

Loving yourself makes you stronger, and there’s nothing you can’t face.


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