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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Daydreamer, Chloe Asher

Book given by the author for honest review.


I was really intrigued by the book summary and I knew I had to read this book about a peculiar girl who couldn’t sleep and couldn’t tell reality from the hallucinations her mind created.

It is indeed an amazing book, truly heartbreaking.

Watching her fight with the inability to know what’s real and what is just fiction, was really hard.

I felt connected to this book in such a deeper level, I’ve always had this gigantic fear of forgetting things, it might have to do with the fact that my grandma suffered from Alzheimer, but when I was young I had this obsession with writing everything down, because I couldn’t fandom the idea of not being able to remember things and lose precious memories.

So when I read about her not knowing if she was ever loved, or remember the faces of her college friends, I felt an unbearable sadness.

We are the result of our memories, and experiences in life, and the people we meet along the way change us on a deeper level. Not being able to remember anything, made her just a shell of a person.

Until she meets this two amazing guys and she lets herself connect with them, but I just hated the feeling I had that they already knew her.

Sloan was my favorite character (obviously) even though he had a tough exterior; I could tell he had so much pain showing from the cracks on his armor.  The way he looked at her made the world seem perfect again.

But absolutely nothing could have prepared me for that ending, I’m equally heartbroken and hating this book, and so addicted to it that I can’t wait for the next one…. Please tell me there’s a next book!!!!

I still can’t get over how much this story touched me, I cried for the loss of her memories, and her new found understanding of her problem, but I also understood why her body would make her forget about everything that had happened.

If it were me I would ALWAYS choose keeping my memories, no matter how sad they can be, because even then, you have the choice of how you want to move forward, a choice that was taken from her, and she is just destined to spend her life in this dreamlike limbo where nothing is as it seems.

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