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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Good Girl Gone (The Reed Brothers #7) by Tammy Falkner

My Rating: Five extra amazing stars!!!!

Series: Book 7 in The Reed Brothers Series

Sex Scenes: YES!!!!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Oooohhhh I missed this guys so much!!!!

Another amazing story from Tammy Falkner, the story between Fallen from Zero girl "Star" and dark and brooding ex con made tattoo artist "Josh".

The book is just beautiful and perfect like the rest of the stories of these amazing men, the sex scenes are really good and you can connect from the go with the characters.

The main subject of the book in my opinion, would be letting go of your past and earning to love yourself the way you are... Embracing thee madness and fighting back the bad things that happen to good people

They help each other to open their eyes and see the people that surround them, and open their hearts to let love in.

I'm just crazy over these characters all over again, I remember reading the first book in the series a coupe of years ago and crying all over my kindle for their stories....
If you haven't read the series this is a good moment to start!!!


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