Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tested by Her Web Master (Web Master #2) by Normandie Alleman

My Rating: Four Stars

Series: Yes, book #2 on the Web Master series

Sex Scenes: Yes, lots of BDSM play.

Subject: D and S relationship what happens after the Happily ever after.

He's my addiction, my love—my life.
He's my Dominant—my everything.
He's changed me, and I never want to go back.

But now, he's asking for too much.
Going too far.
It's out of my comfort zone--not who I am.

I'll swallow my pride and face my fears
But something tells me he has ulterior motives for this extreme request, 
and I will get to the bottom of it. 

That is, if I can pass his test.

My Review

I got this book for an Honest Review by the author and I was really excited to read about what happened next for  Sophie and Quentin.

The reason I chose the subject of the book as "What happens after the happily ever after" is that this book was exactly that.
It reminded me of the last movie in the series Before Sunrise, "Before midnight", when we realice that the characters we loved aren't perfect and happily ever after is so much harder to achieve that what we wanted to believe.

I still enjoyed the book, the sessions between them, and the ones between Sophie and BA were amazing, and I confess I had a nagging feeling about BA ( will not spoil!!!!).

Finding out Quentin wasn't that strong and perfect was like realizing your parents are the tooth Fairy, but it had to be done, since stories are about real people, and real people are not perfect.

I really think she overreacted, if you love him, then you get why he did what he did, and then you fight for him.

On the other hand, her choice is what would probably make them or break them.

Last but not least, the sessions in the book are on the masochist side so if you don't enjoy that kind of kink then this is not the book for you.

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I can't wait for the next one !!!!


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