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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taken by The Billionaire (Sold to The Billionaire #2) by J.L. Beck

My Rating:  4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Sold to The Billionaire #2.
Subject: The ultimate fight for love.
I paid half a million dollars for her body but she refused to give me her heart... 

She told me she would never love me because of the sinfully wrong things I swore I would do to her, so I made the biggest mistake of my life and let her go.

It isn’t until three years later when another man comes into the picture that I feel the need to step in, after all my sweet little angel’s virginity is still mine and I’ll do whatever the hell I need to, too show her that.

I may have let her go once, but this time I'm taking what's rightfully mine. 

Her heart, her body, and her soul. 

-This is a DARK romance, heed the warning. If you don't like alpha's, the mafia, explicit sex, or swearing then you probably shouldn't even consider reading this book. Can be read as a standalone, or in conjunction with the first two books in the series.-

My Review
Book given in exchange of an honest review.

Third book in the series and things get darker and darker. Seth is back and he wants his Angel back too but it's not gonna be that easy.

He has changed but in his life things are not that easy and he is confronted with the choice of going back to who he was or loosing the only thing he has left.

Taylor has changed too, she is now jaded, life has not been fair to her and she is in need of a savior.

It's a thrilling read and I was on the edge on my seat the whole time, needless to say I read it all in one sit and was left wanting more... that cliffhanger almost killed me!!

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