Saturday, November 26, 2016

Forsaken: A Dark Romance by B.B. Hamel & Willow Winters

My Rating: 4 Stars
Series: No.
Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: They fall for each other's darkness and then find the light.


She’s safe in her cage. But she can’t stay in there forever. 

Depravity. Murder. Darkness. 
As a hitman, I’m comfortable with all three. I don’t need anything else. 

Until turning down a hit grants me a bonus I wasn’t expecting. Grace Rossi. A mafia princess. 

She’s a temporary gift to break and mold into an obedient slave for my employers. 

She has no place in my life, but the very thought of her begging for my commands makes me crave something much darker than I ever have before. 

I gave her a cage; it’s her safe place. If she stays inside, I won’t touch her. I have to lure her out and gain her trust. I need to earn her submission. 

She gazes at me with her gorgeous blue eyes through the bars and I can hardly keep the darkness inside of me from taking her. I almost break all my rules to get what I want. 

I’m not supposed to keep her, but one taste of her and I refuse to give her back. 

The moment she steps from that cage, she’s mine. I’ve forsaken all else. 

**This is a DARK romance. A full-length standalone novel with HEA and no cheating** 

My Review

Book Given by the authors for an honest review.

I'm really familiar with BB's books so I was expecting the super sexy and hardcore sex scenes which I loved! But this was my first book from Willow and I can say I'm now a fan! 

I loved the darkness in the main characters relationship, that its not everyone's cup of tea, but it just worked perfectly for this two.

The story is not the regular love conquers all and happily ever after kind. It's rough, there's a lot of pain and death that ultimately leads them to their happiness, but it's definitely not a pretty path.

They built their love within a messed up situation and she finds refuge in her captors embrace. Lucky for her he is not as bad as he think he is, he still has some light buried beneath his darkness and she is just the person to help him regain it.

They are both damaged and disturbed by the way they were raised and they haven't had the chance to feel real love until now, which makes them perfect for each other.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life and these two have found their way back home within each other.

It's a really good story, with some scary violent moments that test t he characters as well as the readers, I truly enjoyed it.

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