Saturday, October 8, 2016

Silver Threads (Memory House #5) by Bette Lee Crosby

My Rating: 4 Stars
Series: Yes, Memory House #5, but can be read as a standalone.
Sex Scenes: No.
Subject: A story about love and loss, and how to keep on living.



On the day Jennifer Green was born a pile of stones was placed alongside her scale of life. A few were the dark gray of sorrow, but most were a pale blush colour. The largest stone was the rose hue of a sunrise. That one would be placed on the scale the day she married Drew Bishop. Even more brilliant but a wee bit smaller was the pink stone glistening with specs of silver. That one would bring Jennifer a baby girl named Brooke. The Keeper of the Scale smiled. Seeing such happiness laid out before him was pleasing to his eye.

Since the beginning of time, he and he alone has been challenged with the task of keeping each person’s scale in balance. A bit of happiness and then a small stone of sorrow, until the lives he has in his charge are measured evenly.

You might think such power is universal, but it is not. There are silver threads that crisscross the landscape of scales and connect strangers to one another. Not even the Keeper of the Scale can control the events travelling through those threads; the only thing he can do is try to equalise the balance once it has been thrown off. There is nothing more he can do for Jennifer; now he must find the thread that leads to Drew if he is to have the love he deserves.

My review

Book from Netgalley given for an honest review.

It was my first book from this author and I have no words to explain how good it was, but I'll give it my best shot.

The synopsis of the book captured me, and I was sure it was going to be an amazing ride. 

The fact that it is book # 5 in the series scared me for a little bit, because I thought I might find myself lost in the plot, but that never happened, it can be read as a standalone. 

The idea in which this series are based was really intriguing to me and I couldn't pass the chance to read it.

The book did not disappoint me, the characters are extremely developed and I connected so much with them that I found myself crying in Drew's quiet moments and I hurt for both of them with each heartbreak they encountered.

The simple thought that our lives are a compilation of different rocks, that give us sadness and happiness, and tinny threads that connects us to all of the other people we haven't met yet, blew my mind.

Fate was a big part of the story and it teaches us that no matter what we might deserve, sometimes life is just hard and if we are lucky, in the end we might find our true heaven.

Some people lives develop on an easy flow, with not too many disruptions; and others, like our characters in this story, are lived with extremely low moments and we can only hope this awful times will only make them stronger on the long run.

The little magic we get in the book was the cherry on top of this amazing story, the way the Inn seemed to help people find happiness again was a beautiful and romantic concept. I haven't had the chance to read the stories that came before so it was a nice magic surprise for me, I had no idea what they would find there.

I fell in love with every part of this story, it was the type of experience we can only hope for when we start a journey with a book, and I'm truly grateful to have had the chance. 

You know that feeling on content, happiness and a little bit of sadness that comes over you when you finish a good story? Well if you haven't, this is the right book for you!

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