Monday, October 10, 2016

His Brat by Isabella Starling

My Rating: 4 Stars
Series: No.
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: Forbidden love never felt better.

This brat is about to be taught a lesson. 
She's off limits. The one girl I can't have. Of course, I don't know that when I see her for the first time and bury myself inside her. 
But I'm marrying her mother... a loveless marriage that means nothing to either of us, but still means Lola Grace can't be mine.
I wouldn't be good for her, anyway. I play hard, and f*ck harder. I'd ruin a pretty young girl like her in mere hours. 
But I just can't resist... Lola Grace is too damn sweet for me to give up. 

My life changes when Max River walks into it. 
He complicates everything, making me regret ever setting eyes on his tall, inked and toned body. 
But at the same time, I can't let go. 
I know the rules. 
No kissing. 
Not touching. 
No talking. 
No f*cking. 
And I'm about to break every one of them. 

My Review

Book given by the author for an honest review.

This story was hotter than hell!
From the start we get two characters that are just meant to be and they seem to be getting along just fine. But life has other plans and things get complicated to a level both of them can't fix.

Max is an amazing character, he is strong, sexy and commanding, just the way we like our bad boys to be. He has a lot of secrets and I couldn't wait to learn them all. 

He kept on surprising me, when I thought I knew everything about him he just went and showed me some other deep secret part of himself, that was as irresistible as the rest.

Lola Grace is a peculiar character, she starts as a sweet scared young woman but then she evolves. She becomes a stronger version of herself, she knows what she wants and she is not taking no for an answer, even if that means confronting her mother and fighting for her man.

The story has a lot of bad moments for the main characters, and they are faced with some awful situations that change them, and make them stronger. 

They have to fight for their love even if that means deifying everything they have ever known.

The sex scenes are perfection, and their connection is so deep that you can't help to fall for them both and want to exchange places with them.

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