Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Moving Together (Moving Series Book 3) by Pavan Kaur

My Rating: 4 Stars

Series:  Yes, #3 Moving Series.

Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: Fighting for love against all odds.

The Final instalment of the Moving Series 

James' persistence is taking its toll on Kim. With what he's done goes above and beyond trying to get her back; it's hurting her in the worst way imaginable.
Using her love for Nick against her has Kim deciding if she can continue to fight James, or give in. 
One thing's for sure... She won't go back to the hell he made for her.

My Review

I got this book for an honest review by the author as well as all the other in the series and I really enjoyed them.
From the start we love Kim she is a beautiful, young, intelligent woman who is trying to get back on her feet after something really horrible happened to her.
Then she meets the infamous Nick Webb, and everything changes, in a crazy rapid pace that she has problems keeping up with. 

He helps her by setting her free of her demons and she gives him her heart in return.
But life is not as easy as it seems, and they are faced with a bunch of crazy events that threatens what they have achieved.

The connection between the characters is beautiful and the way they start to get to know and love one another is amazing.
The James situation is horrible, she is moving forward but he keeps pushing her back, hopefully she has nick to help her fight him.

In this last book we see a stronger Kim, she is not just fighting for herself now so she needs to be even stronger, and life is going to test her soon enough.

The old nightmare comes back and threatens everything they have built, and both Nick and Kim are faced with heartbreaking situations that could change them forever.

The characters of the book have grown so much through the series that it’s hard to recognize them now; they learned to love themselves and each other a little bit more.

Kim has transformed into a whole person again, she is in control of her life and nobody will take that from her again.

I think overall what this series taught me was that no matters what kind of things life deals you, you should always fight for what you want, and you should never EVER let someone treat you like you are worthless. 

Under any circumstance we should accept violence in our daily life, look for help and help others.

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