Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hung: a Stepbrother Romance by Aya Fukunishi

My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Series: Yes

Sex Scenes: Yes, and super hot ones !!!

Subject: Short step siblings story


This book is the reason you need a password to unlock your Kindle, to stop people from discovering your dirty little secret... To stop people from learning that you're a naughty girl at heart. This book is filthy. 
Romance? There's nothing romantic about this story. If you want romance you should go away and read something else. Pick any book that has a couple kissing in the rain on the cover. If in doubt, read Nicholas Sparks. He's OK. 
This is a book to be read late at night, under the covers. It's a book to be read with your Kindle in one hand and your favorite toy in the other. This is a book that comes with a free orgasm. 
This book will make you wet.
You have been warned. 

Plot? No, not really.
Jill Travers is a young woman. You don't need to know more. It doesn't matter. She's not even real. I made her up in my head. 
Josh is a young man. He doesn't have a surname. Would you care if he did? I don't. He's a literary device, designed for one thing and one thing only: to make your feel that tight, warm, delicious feeling between your legs. He's designed to make you wet, and he's batting a perfect game. 
Josh and Jill's parents married last year, and - thanks to the price of Manhattan real estate - these two step-siblings are forced to share a bedroom. 
Oh, don't give me that look. You know exactly where this is going. 
This book is just long enough to get you off.
Now go and fetch your favorite toy. It's time. 

My Review

I got this book from the author for an honest review and I LOVED IT!

It's a fun short sexy story about two step-siblings who are cooked up in a room they share every night...

Yeah you warned us and we saw it coming but I guess we are all just a kinky bunch.

The sex scenes are amazing !

She seemed like such a strong character that I loved her from her first line !

If you  want some hot short read this is the book for you.

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