Sunday, July 2, 2017

Reluctant Substitute by Carol Delmornay

My Rating: 5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Not really, but A LOT of foreplay.
Series: I hope so!
Subject: Finding your inner slave.
After five years, Alison Walker's working life had become stagnant. On an impulsive whim, Alison applies for a PA position with elite modelling agency, Sublime Elegance; certain she didn't stand a chance. According to her live-in boyfriend, Blake, she was an ugly duckling. No-one was more surprised than she was when she landed the job---without meeting former model, turned owner and CEO, Jaxon Connors---the man who was to be her new boss. 

When hotness personified, Jaxon Connors, fires a model used by his most important client, Lachlan Steele, Alison finds herself the reluctant substitute taking her place. Decadent Desires Photographic Studio fills Alison with panic when she assumes she's mistakenly stepped straight into a set for a porno. Chains, whips and torturous equipment litters the studio. What the hell has she got herself into? 
Provocative poses in racy lingerie is out of her comfort zone. But when Jaxon's client unexpectedly requests extra shots, Alison ends up in steamy poses with Jaxon---seductively held in his arms, surrounded with his intoxicating scent, smothered with his warmth, his mouth moulding perfectly with hers with a kiss so erotic, her half-naked body explodes with an intense orgasm. 

When Blake drunkenly attacks her, with organized participation from his two equally drunk mates, Alison turns to her best friend, Lexi Forsythe for help. When Jaxon inadvertently discovers her injuries, he takes her to his house to recuperate---and allows her into his Dungeon. When her curiosity gets the better of her, Jaxon offers to allow her to try one thing in his Dungeon---to see what it feels like. She isn’t prepared for her reaction---Or for Jaxon's offer.

This was an intense read for sure. It was my first book from the author and I'm certain it won't be my last! 

She accomplished an amazing thing, she got me hooked from the start, I read the book in one day, I couldn't put it down. I kept opening my kindle app at work just to see what happened next, I was obsessed with Alison and Jaxon's relationship.

The fact that she is making us wait and that the entire story is a never ending and intense foreplay session, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Believe me, the no actual sex scenes is not a bad thing at all and it doesn't make this book any less sexually charged. The intensity that existed between the characters since the moment they met was crazy and it keeps on escalating. 

Alison is in a total state of arousal since she lays her eyes on him and I'm guessing it was all part of Jaxon's plan.

The photo shoot setups are described in a way that makes you feel like you are in the room right beside them; you will get to feel the intensity of every moment through the pages.

Let's talk a bit about the boyfriend, I disliked him from the first moment he showed up in the book. I couldn't understand why she would be with a guy like that, but I guess she was trapped in that never ending abuse circle. Getting out of there would be the best thing for her. 

Jaxon changes everything, he helps her regain her self-esteem and little by little she starts to believe in herself again. But most importantly, he shows her who she really is, what her darkest and deepest desires are.
Giving over total control is a crazy feeling, and finds herself in a crossroad that could change her whole life in a second.

What will she choose?!

Sneak peek :Excerpt of "Alison's Awakening"...sequel to "Reluctant Substitute"

A feeling of calm gradually descended through me in the black haze encompassing me.  Goosebumps rose in a seductive, unhurried wave over my bared flesh from the cold air that was surrounding me.  I suddenly realized I was naked, with hardened soil chaffing uncomfortably beneath my knees and shins---with the cold of the ground slowly seeping in through my lower legs.  What in the hell am I doing outside?  A shiver raced through me when the cool wind blew across my uncovered body and I trembled slightly.  Pressure from a large hand placed down on the top of my head startled me, and I jolted.

“Be still.”  Jaxon’s stern but ultra-sexy voice demanded.  My eyes flew open and I immediately saw his big, unlaced, boot-clad feet positioned on the outside of both of my knees.  My gaze lifted slightly and I noticed his lower legs were encased in well-worn, black leather pants with crisscrossed, laced up sides. Oh God---the same ravishing pants from the photo shoot. My heart rate quickened and my breath hissed through my teeth in an involuntary, shallow gasp. 

When his large hand roamed with firm determination over my head, I felt his long, strong fingers push through the thickness of my hair to the back of my head, then clench tight, trapping my full locks solidly in his grasp.  My nipples lengthened and hardened from the secure hold Jaxon had on my hair, the gentle kiss of the steady cool breeze caressing across the tips encouraging them to stiffen even further while my areola puckered. 

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