Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lumberjack Love by J.L. Beck

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: Getting lost might be the way to find your way back home.
He's waited forever for the perfect woman, and she's running from her past. Is it fate or something else? 


Jackson is rough, ornery, and on most days the last person you would want to be around. He's a lumberjack in the backwoods of Georgia and he knows more than anyone that when a gorgeous woman shows up on your property uninvited it ain't fate. 

Not knowing what to make of the situation, and wanting no part in the beautiful woman's drama he tells her she needs to leave and that he ain't no saving grace but a rough countryman. 

When she refuses to take no for an answer he knows he's gonna have to take matters into his own hands and get her to leave himself but one touch is all it takes to have him weak in the knees. 

Lola ain't going back down the road to where her ex-boyfriend dropped her off. Not if she can help it. Jackson doesn't want to help her but she can tell it's just a front he's putting up and that he's actually attracted to her. If she can get him to take her in and protect her then she knows everything will be okay. 

Will things between the brute of a lumberjack and the sassy-refuses-to-take-no for an answer heroine work out or will her past come back to haunt her? 

-This is a INSTALOVE novella with a virgin hero who refuses to let go of the heroine. It also contain's loads of steamy scenes, and a super sweet HEA. If you don't like instalove then this book isn't for you.-

My Review

I got this book from the author for an honest review and it's another short but sexy and amazing story from Josie.

Let's start with Jackson, he was just wow, I want to find this kind of sexy "all man" lumberjack in the middle of the woods and keep him for myself!

He had everything he needed, a lonely but fulfilling life, but he didn't know what was missing until he saw her.

Lola is running away from something really bad when she runs into this sexy, strong stranger and she just feels the connection immediately, there's no fighting the feelings they seem to evoke in each other. They felt inevitable from the start.

Their sex scenes are just so good, they couldn't help themselves from tearing each others clothes all the time.

But Lola is still afraid, because what she run away from might still come back for her and Jackson knows he will do anything to protect her.

A thrilling and beautiful story, check it  out now!

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