Monday, September 5, 2016

Rex: A Scifi Alien Romance by Kylie Gold

My Rating:  5 Stars

Series: Yes, #3 Rebel Lords

Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: Finding your new adventure could be closer than you thought.


**Contains ALL THREE Rebel Lords books!!** 

This rebel alien prince will make his human captive beg for more. 

Clara Burns barely knows the Navani. They’re a mysterious race of warrior aliens that have been all but enslaved by her father’s corporation. She’s supposed to stay away from them, but she finds their enormous, muscular bodies too intriguing for her own good. 

Violence breaks out faster than Clara could have imagined. When the Navani rebels set off a bomb in the city square, one of those strange and intense aliens saves her life. His name is Rex, and he’s going to keep Clara for as long as he wants her. 

Clara begins to realize that Rex is not what he seems. Dark and brooding on the surface, Rex could easily break Clara into pieces. Instead, he tenderly undresses her and takes care of more than just her wounds. 

Now the Navani rebels want to use Clara while her father wants her back. Rex is stuck in the middle, unwilling to give away his new human prize. 

Can Rex and Clara get past their differences and work together? Or will the war break them apart and destroy everything they’ve built? 

Adults only! This full-length science fiction alien romance contains violence, swearing, and lots of steamy sex. Rex is a standalone novel, no cliffhanger, guaranteed HEA, and includes the first TWO books in the Rebel Lords series, Dracon and Nova! 

My Review

I got this book by the author for an honest review as well as the other two in the series and I loved them all!

I LOVE Scifi romance and this story was no exception! I already knew I would love this new Navani- human couple since they seem to be so hot and perfect !

The Navani men are what any of us would fantasise about and picture in our heads if we wanted sexy alien man, just wow. They are strong, confident, total gentleman and ultimately, the hero each leading lady of the book needed.

In this book we get the next part of the story on how humans are destroying Shaviro and we get to read a little bit about how Nova's story unfolded and how the treaty affected them.

This was my favourite couple of the three, Clara is sure of what she wants and not for a second doubted that she wanted him. She trusted him from the first moment and there was no love drama involved, they just clicked.

Maybe it was easier, given that the interracial couple thing already existed, still they went with the flow and it was beautiful to read.

Again, I loved the whole story, and in this book you get the other two stories for free, so I would recommend them without hesitation ! The Series is a must read for me !

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