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Monday, November 19, 2018

Feels like Summertime by Tammy Falkner

My Rating: 5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: No.
Subject: A Second chance at love.


Katie Higgins was the first girl I ever loved. We spent one summer together at Lake Fisher when we were sixteen and then I never saw her again. My life is shit, my job is gone, and my dad had a stroke, so I find myself back at Lake Fisher once again. And so does Katie. Her last name isn't Higgins anymore, because Katie is married with three kids and one more on the way, but when she shows up at Lake Fisher with her kids, danger trails her all the way there. I could do a lot of things. I could leave and go home. I could stay and deal with it. But what I want most of all is just to take care of Katie. If I concentrate on her, maybe I won't have to face my own problems. Yeah, that's it. Fix Katie. 


I haven't seen Jake in eighteen years, but the moment I lay eyes on him, I feel safer than I have in a very long time. Memories swamp me every time I look out over the clear, cool water. A first kiss. A first boyfriend. A first love. That old spark is still there. I just can't act on it, and neither can Jake. Our story started eighteen years ago, and then we both made lives with other people. Jake is willing to tell me about his, but I can't share mine with him. Ever. We can be friends and spend another summer together, right? Sure, we can. 

Katie's life hasn't been an easy one, she is on the run and scared, so going to the place that gave her the happiest memories when she was younger seems like a good idea. 

She had no clue she would run into the same man that made her so happy all those years ago. 

When they met, their love was so pure and innocent, but life has changed them, they both know real pain and deceit. Could this two new people they've become connect in the same way as before, or are they not meant to be together at all?

Jake was also running away from himself when he found Katie again. His life was not his anymore, and he seemed to have lost his spark. 

Katie and her family bring light back into his somber existence and this time he won't let her go.

He will be anything she needs, a savior in her time of need. Scary things are coming their way and it will be up to them to survive them together.

The idea of a second chance with that special person that you thought you lost is so romantic and beautiful. How teenage love might be able to become the real thing even after loosing everything is extremely amazing.

Sometimes when you loose something so great that almost breaks you, you find yourself feeling like there's no way things might get better, that there couldn't possibly be another chance at happiness. But in this book we get to see that destiny might still have something in store for us, and we only have to let go of the hurt and open ourselves up to life again.

A beautiful story, and amazing characters to meet.

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