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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Liar Liar (Liar Liar #1) by L.A. Cotton

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Liar Liar #1.
Subject: Lies will destroy them all.
For eighteen-year-old Becca Torrence, the chance to finish high school in a new town, where no one knows her or the secrets of that night, should be a dream come true. But when the first day of school rolls around, something is wrong.

Instead of being greeted with warm smiles and reassuring hellos, Becca finds herself on the receiving end of icy stares and cruel whispers. Putting it down to her status as an outsider, she holds her head high, because they can’t know.

They can’t.

Can they?

Determined to make her new life in Credence work, Becca is willing to do whatever it takes to fit in. Even if it means losing herself in the process.

A white lie can save you … Too many lies will break you.

This was a hard book to read, because the subject the author chose to write about is something real, and unfortunately, an awful thing that happens nowadays at schools, bullying.

The main character, Becca, has a secret that we don't know yet, but it has changed her in suck a deeper level that she needs to reinvent herself and it has cost her to loose everything she had. 
She is having a hard time getting her life back because for some unknown reason the queen bee at her new school is after her and her life is slowly becoming a new kind of hell.

Becca is stronger than what people think but all the lies she has put in place are starting to close in on her and she is not sure she can keep going this way.

Her salvation comes in the name of Evan, a brooding and beautiful guy who she can't seem to stop thinking about. But he has secrets of his own and when the lies come to light there might be nothing left.

Becca feels like life is finally getting better, new friends and the possibility of love seemed impossible until now, but she is starting to believe in it again.

We know how lies tend to ruin everything, they were all scared of the truth but they will learn that hiding it can have the ability to destroy them all.

I'm off to the next book!

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