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Friday, February 17, 2017

Not in My Wildest Dreams (McKenna #2) by Jamie Hollins

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: Seeing someone in a different way for the first time after years of looking pass her.
Series: McKenna Series #2
Releasing February 7, 2017 


It really sucks to be in love with someone who sees you as nothing more than a friend.  Darcy Owens knows this from personal experience. From the moment she met Sean McKenna as a wary ten-year-old, he’s owned her heart. So when he asks for her help with an important construction project, she can’t say no. 
Building a boutique hotel on Boston’s waterfront is a career-making opportunity, and Sean needs Darcy’s interior design expertise. She’s incredibly talented, and there is no one he trusts more. He knows he can always count on his childhood friend, but doesn’t know why he’s thinking about her tight skirts and blue eyes instead of tight deadlines and blueprints. 
When Sean and Darcy’s excitement about their work turns into an entirely different kind of excitement, it’s a sexy surprise. But they soon realize that building a new relationship is more challenging than building a new hotel, especially when life-long habits and old insecurities create cracks in the foundation.


Book given for an honest review on Netgalley.

I missed these Mckenna men and was ready for this new story to come. 

We already met the characters in book 1 of the series and we loved them, Darcy was as perfect as I imagined. She had this tough exterior but in reality she was just a girl in love with a boy from as long as she could remember. 

Sean was something different altogether, I loved him in the first book, but during this story I learned that he was actually a coward and an insensitive boy. 

The story had it's super cute moments and Sean had his good moments too, when he was actually good for Darcy and took into account what she needed or how she felt. But most of the time he was just thinking about himself, what he wanted, how he felt, even when it was Darcy's story, he still made that about him. 

Don't get me wrong the story was good, her love was so pure, but she was missing out in life because of him, and he didn't even notice her for most of their lives. And when he finally saw her, he didn't really appreciate her, he took her for granted.

The lesson learned from the story in my opinion was that sometimes you don't see a good thing until it's gone. He knew he had her and he never really looked at her, or asked her how she felt, he just felt good by having her there. But we all know that relationships take work, and you need to be there for that person, listen to them and help them, because if you don't then you will wake up one day and they could be gone. 

Being loved by someone is a privilege, and Sean learned to appreciate that and be there for Darcy. He was scared and played safe, but ultimately realised that if you don't risk it you can never win, and he needed to win her back if he wanted to be happy.

Even tough he was kind of an deuce most of the book, I still enjoyed the story, the sex scenes were amazing, and Darcy's innocence and thrive for life made everything so much better. She loved him with all of her heart and if a way that made us love him too.

Author Info

Jamie Hollins was born and raised in rural Northeast Ohio.  After graduate school, she embarked on a perilous career in Human Resources where she met plenty of real life characters.  When she’s not writing or chasing after her toddler, she enjoys reading and golfing.  Jamie lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and their dog, Winston.

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She was such a goddamn little liar. Like hell she hadn’t meant a word of what she’d said last night. 
Sean had failed all his language courses in school, but the little whimper she’d just given him meant the same thing in pretty much every fucking language in the world: she wanted him. 
And fuck him, he more than wanted her.
He’d had no intention of kissing her. In fact, he’d just planned to clear the air between them so it wouldn’t be awkward. She was one of his best friends. He didn’t want to have to tiptoe around her like they were complete strangers. 
Since she’d lashed out at him last night, he had a ton of questions. He also had a ton of feelings that were so tangled he couldn’t unravel them. He didn’t know how he felt about the fact that Darcy had loved him for years. To his surprise, it hadn’t freaked him out so much as it had shocked him.
But when he’d gotten to her place, and she’d started trying to weasel her way out of what she’d said? He wasn’t having any of that. 
Hearing her admit she loved him again mattered more to him than it should have. Hell, he didn’t understand why it was so goddamn important to have proof that she meant it. And before he knew it, he’d had her pinned up against the closet and was sucking on her tongue.
It was like she was one of those chocolates with the creamy, gooey centers. Once you bit into it and realized it wasn’t that God-awful raspberry filling but rather a decadent caramel or sweet almond, you wanted another and another until you were in a sugar coma. If her mouth tasted this sweet, the rest of her had to taste amazing. 
He released her tongue, sliding his past her teeth and licking the insides of her mouth. Their mouths danced together in a sinuous rhythm. She was soft and hot and tasted like honey.
He pulled her closer so her breasts pressed firmly against his chest. His cock screamed in agony against the confines of his jeans. He was as hard as a fucking lead pipe. 
Darcy’s fingers found their way underneath the hem of his shirt and scorched his skin. She ran her nails down his lower abdomen to the waistband of his jeans.
That’s it, Darce. Keep moving those clever hands a little lower.
When she didn’t, he rolled his pelvis against her, the painful friction turning to pleasure in a hot second. As his erection rubbed against her thigh, she inhaled sharply. A full-body tremble shook her, and her hands flew to his hair, pulling his lips more firmly against hers. God, he wanted to be inside of her. How could she feel so good?
They started pulling and shoving their way toward the bedroom, trying desperately to maintain the delicious contact of their mouths. They were a flurry of hands, arms, and legs rubbing and touching. 
What he wouldn’t give right now for two more sets of arms. He felt like a starved man sitting down to a ten-course meal, not knowing where to begin but knowing he wanted to finish everything.
Good God, his hands were on her ass! Round and firm, it was pliable as he squeezed and kneaded.
Darcy worked fast, pulling his shirt over his head. He hated to leave the sweetness of her lips, but it was either that or get strangled by his own shirt. There wasn’t much blood left in his brain. He needed all the oxygen he could get. 
He looked down at her, surprised by the fire inside her. It made him hotter than a teenager who’d just found his older brother’s porn collection. Her smoldering eyes roamed over his bare chest, and without a thought, he started to undo her top. His fingers were uncoordinated and clumsy. He couldn’t get her buttons opened fast enough. 
Leaning in, he licked the soft indention behind her ear. Darcy sighed, causing his already hard cock to harden even more. He was going to poke a goddamn hole in his pants if he didn’t get them off soon. 
He nibbled and sucked down her neck and before too long was greeted with gorgeous luminescent skin the color of new snow. Somewhere along the way, he’d discarded her shirt. It lay on the floor in a heap next to his.
The only illumination in the room came from the streetlights outside the window, and it made her body glow in contrast to the dark, lacy bra she wore. As he ran his tongue along the top of her creamy, soft shoulder, the smell of mint filled his nose. Her hands slowly skimmed his pecs, her palms warm and damp as they slid over his nipples.
Darcy’s touch felt like magic. Dark, sensual magic that short-circuited his brain.
His dick commanded the show, shouting orders to his hands and mouth as his brain took its time with every new discovery. Darcy was unchartered territory to him, and he wanted to plant his flag everywhere. 
Jesus Christ, did I just unclasp her bra? Fuck yeah, I did. 
There was endowed and then there was well endowed. 
Darcy was… perfect.
He cupped her breasts in both hands. Firm, round breasts topped with gorgeous cherry nipples. More than what could fit in his palms. Good God, to think these precious tits had been hiding in plain sight for so many years. 
He looked up into her hooded gaze when he squeezed her nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. She bit her bottom lip and let her head fall back.
Oh, how he wanted to make her moan.

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