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Monday, August 15, 2016

Nova: A Scifi Alien Romance (Rebel Lords #2) by Kylie Gold

My Rating: 4 Stars
Series: Yes, book 2 in the Rebel Lords Series.
Sex Scenes: Yes, thank you!
Subject: True knee-weakening Love knows no race or planet.


These ruthless aliens dominate everything they come across—especially their women. 

Julia Spear never expected to get abducted by a dangerous, wild alien warrior, let alone find him as attractive as he was deadly. She came to Shaviro to help oversee daily operations for the largest mining company in the galaxy, and it was supposed to be an easy job. But when Julia becomes a prisoner of war, she finds herself torn between her need for freedom and her overwhelming desire for the wild alien that took her. 

Nova, warrior prince of his Navani tribe, never wanted to find his mate during a raid on the human scum. Small, curvy, and gorgeous, the human girl attracts him more than he could ever imagine. Her scent makes his heart race, and he can’t stop himself when he takes her as his prize. The humans are supposed to be his enemy, but he's sure that the girl is his true mate. Nova can’t turn his back on his destiny, no matter how much he hates her people. 

The war between the humans and the Navani rages on, with Nova and Julia stuck in the middle. Unwelcome among the Navani and outlaws among the humans, can Nova and Julia find a way to survive this deadly war together? 

Adults only! This full-length science fiction alien romance contains violence, swearing, and lots of steamy sex. Nova is a standalone novel, no cliffhanger, guaranteed HEA, and includes the first book in the Rebel Lords series, Dracon! 

My Review

I got this book for an honest review by the author, Yes ! the second book in the Rebel Lords series and it was just as good as the first one.

In this book another Navani tribe is trying to survive the human invasion of their planet, and they have their minds set on killing them all, but again fate has other plans when it throws beautiful and strong Julia in the way of the savage warrior Prince Nova.

It's a kind of hate at the first sight type of story, which only makes it hotter! They long for each other from the moment meet and it only gets worse with the time they are forced to spend together.

Love beats everything they say, and in this case it's just that, these two fight with they minds, traditions and society human and alien equally, until they decide that nothing else matters.

They just need to follow their hearts and let everything else fall into place, ultimately that would hopefully be the salvation they need .

Thrilling, entertaining and with some definitely crazy sex scenes, it's a book worth your while.

If you are in need of a good sci-fi +sexy warriors + love, type of book this is the story for you.

Add it to Goodreads now and get it on Amazon.

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