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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BOSS: A Stepbrother Billionaire Romance by Victoria Villeneuve

My Rating: 3  Stars
Series: No
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: Stepbrother from hell and sexy as hell.

It wasn't enough that Kiegan Hunt had everything - ridiculously good looks, an enormous bank account balance and a name more famous in America than the Kennedys - he also had to make my teenage years a living hell. 

Years later, broke and estranged from the Hunt family, the last thing I expected to see was Kiegan - still just as sinfully sexy as ever - standing on my doorstep, offering me a job. 

I've always been a good girl. Can I really handle working for a bad boy who makes my blood boil every time I look at him? 

Just the thought of having to obey his every command makes my panties want to slip off. 

He's insufferable. I know that. I know better than to do this. But he's also irresistible. That's why this is such a bad idea. 

It's too bad I already said yes... 

My Review

I also got this book by Victoria Villeneuve for an honest review and even though I liked the other story better, this one was still good.

Kiegan is not a good guy from what we can tell at the beginning he is mean and rude and we hate him from the first time he shows up.

But what was it they used to tell us when we were younger? If he picks on you, its because he likes you, boys are stupid like that, and oh boy they were right !

The heat they rise once they decide to give it a go was HOT, the first intimate scene is one NOT to miss and made it worth the read.

Tina was a character I didn't like, it was hard to relate with her when she was crushing hard on the guy that ruined her life, yeah, we are dumb sometimes but she was the queen of dumbsville.

She kept going on and on about how he was the person she hated the most and then in a second, with a kiss and a magic pleasure equipment she is swooning. 

The story was good and entertaining and the sex scenes were definitely the best part of the book.

What I didn't like that much was the love at first bang after years of hate and resentment, but except from that, it was a fun book. 

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