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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Looking Through the Curtains: Illustrated Erotic Stories. Collection No. 1 (Looking Through the Curtains series) by Andrey Rider , Stephan Zolotov (Illustrator)

My Rating: 3 Stars

Series: #1 book in Looking Through the Curtains series

Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: 25 illustrated sex stories that will wake up your erotic fantasies.

Our SEXUALITY is a major mystery, and we have no clue which little devils dwell deep down in our hearts. Sometimes our own erotic fantasies make up blush, causing excitement and amazement. YET there’s no reason to be ashamed of your secret desires, there’s nothing wrong about them. The psychologists encourage fantasizing in bed, especially if you are a permanent couple. 

These 25 erotic stories were specially created to ignite your imagination; some of them are very “vulgar,” others are “dirty,” some are “hard,” some are “cynical,” and some are pointedly explicit, and that’s what is best about them. The idea is to provide you with a range of plots for new exciting role playing games, to give you and your partner a chance to imagine that you are someone else. Whether you enact this show mentally or in real life, it will grant you new, exciting emotions, for nothing is as dangerous as boredom in bed. Boredom is a killer of love and of stable relationships, and it is not something you want to learn through your own experience. 

Here a lady walks into a sex shop and gets "suggestions" from the shop assistant, here a decent woman is mistaken for a prostitute, here a guy wanders into a ladies' shower, here a plumber gets really impudent, here a girls' get-together ends up in a debauchery... This Collection has everything a sweet tooth might fancy. 

The purpose of these stories is to help adult couples to organize consensual role playing sex games. Some of them involve the enactment of seduction of a minor, sexual harassment or enforced sex! These crimes can have very serious legal consequences. Never try to do it in real life. It’s absolutely prohibited! 

My Review

I got this book for an honest review and I have to admit that I was hoping for a little bit more graphic kind of book, it soundes interesting and different.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and the stories in it.

Some of them I liked a lot and some I didn't.

Beware that this book is full of cheating fantasies so if you are not into that then I suggest you avoid it.

In my case I hate cheating on any level but since it was not the main focus on the stories I didn't mind that much.

There are a couple of really hot sex scenes, the one from the sex shop and the one from the teachers were my favorite!

The writting was good, I had some problems at first with the choice of sexual words some of them sounded a little bit cheese, but I got used to it once I got into the book.
This is a fun short read, stories are not connected and you can have a litte adventure with each one.

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