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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Deep Inside the Museum by O.S. Fiderro

My Rating: 4 Stars

Series: Yes

Sex Scenes: OHH yes!

Subject: Changing the course of your life, falling in love and out of love.

Amelia Ford is overjoyed to land her dream job as Assistant Curator at the British Museum. It is everything she has been striving to achieve. But by the end of her first day, she crosses paths with a colleague who might be her biggest downfall.
Will McKenzie is arrogant, rude and extremely opinionated - and it doesn’t help that he is deliciously good looking. Amelia is desperate to win his approval and have him mentor her. After all, he is one of the greatest Curators of Egyptian artefacts. But how can she get through his steely exterior?
As Amelia tries to navigate museum life, she starts to have improper feelings for Will and sees that his mentoring might have more to do with her sexual awakening than curating. Which isn’t a bad thing … at all.

But with an important exhibition looming, a woman who is out to sabotage everything she has worked for, and a relationship that shouldn’t be blossoming, Amelia learns that so much more goes on behind the museum’s door.

My Review
Book given in exchange for a review by the author.
(Sorry for the delay!  I had a lot of reviews pending, and still have, but I couldn’t pass the opportunity)

Well to start with this review I would like to say that this book was AMAZING and it would have been a 5 stars review if not for the cheating factor in the book, which is something I hate… yeah bad experiences with liars.

The story was intriguing, just reading the excerpt made me want to know what happened.

Amelia is young but motivated and I enjoyed her a lot. She was a bit childish from time to time, but who isn’t.  My favorite thing about her was her passion for what she did, her job was so much more than that to her, and even though we couldn’t tell at first, she had passion also for love and sex.

Will is a completely different animal, he starts as a player who doesn't care about anything, but when we get to know a little bit more about him we understand the attitude.

The way the book is written is different than other books I've read, everyone gets the spotlight since we are told the story by all off the characters in first person.

The sex scenes are amazing too, and I loved Will and Amelia's first interactions, hot to say the least !

It's a must read for me !

I can't wait for the next book!
Beware though, there's a huge cliffhanger!!

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