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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Burnt: A Bad Boy Romance (Courage MC) by Kara Hart

My Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

Series: Not at the moment.

Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: Biker and young woman fall for each other.

I told her to stay away from me, but she wouldn’t listen…

I’m no good for her, and I can't catch a break. Cast out of the MC, I'm on my own with no protection, just the gun in my hands. That's when I meet her. And I know I'm about to ruin her damn life.

Brimstone. Fire. Sinners. Users. This is who I share blood with. But there’s no one to trust when your whole crew has turned on you. I can't keep running from my demons. It's time to face them head on.

I need an escape. This small town will be the death of me. I watch as he comes to claim me and I can't fight it. I wanted to make my family proud. I wanted to be their good daughter. 

Not anymore. Not today. Not since I met him.

He knows who I am. He sees me from the inside. He protects me. He's my salvation, my one ticket out of here. But Adam is damaged. And he has a price on his head. Now we’re forced to go on the run, fighting off the Cartel and undercover Feds.

There's a fire on the horizon. We're going to get burned.

Author’s note: Burnt is a full standalone romance novel from the series Courage MC, with its own HEA and absolutely NO 

My Review
I got this book by the author for an honest review and I was so disappointed!

I wanted to love this book, it was supposedly an MC Romance novel and I love those. That’s the reason I got it in the first place, but the book just didn’t do it for me, I stop reading it twice and the second one I almost left it unfinished.

The main characters were a little bit boring for me, Adam was a weird creepy old guy in my mind he treated Rose in a way nobody wants to be treated, he never told her anything and she still “fell in love” with him… 

Yeah… she was some little girl who didn’t understand what she was getting into and fell in love with this old guy so fast it wasn’t even fun.

I just couldn’t relate with either of them, maybe if I was younger I would understand why a young woman would want to run away with some old creepy drug dealer and biker, leaving her family behind.

The thing is, I could love a plot like that but there just wasn’t any chemistry between the characters, no sparks and connection falling from the pages, I got bored and creeped out.

The author’s writing is really good, I think the plot just needs some more work,  the ending was a bit better than the rest of the book but it didn’t make up for days of dragging through the story.

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