Friday, October 20, 2017

Wicked Beginnings (Wicked Bay #1) by L.A. Cotton

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Wicked Bay #1
Subject: A family full of secrets.
The first book in a brand new YA/NA crossover series from l. a. cotton

When seventeen-year-old Eloise Stone finds herself half way across the world, moving into her Uncle's pool house, she expects things to be ... awkward. She doesn't expect to come face-to-face with the boy from last summer. The boy that made her feel things she'd never felt before. But a year is a long time, and Lo isn’t the same girl she was then. Besides, they’re family now.

It’s weird.

Maverick Prince acts as if he doesn’t remember her, treating Lo like nothing more than an annoying younger sister, and not in a ‘he cares’ way, just in a ‘he’s an arsehole’ way. One thing‘s for sure, he isn’t just dangerous for her sanity—he’s hazardous for her heart.

Lo thought moving to Wicked Bay was the worst of her problems, but as life begins to unravel around her, she’s going to find out it’s only the beginning… 

First book in the Wicked Bay Series and it was impossible to put it down!

Troubled Lo moves to her Uncle's pool house and she soon finds out this starting over deal will be harder than she expected.

Living with the Stones and Princes is not an easy task, she is instantly transformed into High school royalty and with that comes friends and a lot of enemies.

I liked her character a lot, she was indeed damaged by her past but she found a way of copping with her loss and still move forward. Making friends and enjoying life one step at a time.

The only problem she had now, was Maverick, she couldn't believe the odds...he was there and he was her step cousin. But there was nothing about this guy that resembled the person she met last summer, and that destroyed her every time they crossed paths.

But people have different layers and he also holds a deep secret that seems to be destroying him piece by piece. Under all of his bad ass attitude and bad manners there's a kind soul that just can't forget Lo and even though he is fighting it, there's an impending doom for them both.

Letting go of their boundaries will be scarier than anything they have faced yet, but it could also give them the happiness they have been waiting for so long.

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