Monday, April 24, 2017

CRAVE: A Small Town Menage Romance (Reckless Falls Book 4) by Vivian Lux

My Rating:  5 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Reckless Falls Book 4.
Subject: Giving her what she needs and getting everything in return.
One taste of her has us craving more. 

I'm a chef, but it's Bee that's got me feeling the heat. 
My fierce little baker has got curves as sweet and sinful as her cupcakes. 
And her buns are to die for. 
She's perfect and I crave perfection. 
But Finn craves her too. 

Jackson and I are business partners and best friends. 
We're used to working together. 
And we swore a long time ago that we would never compete over a woman. 
But Bee is driving us crazy. 
Sweet cream and honey buns aren't the only thing we want to taste. 
We're not going to fight over her. 
We're much better as a team. 
We're going to bring this little baker to her knees. 
She's gonna crave us...together. 

Warning: This is an MFM romance! If you don't want to read about two stubborn, possessive men falling for the same lucky woman, this isn't the book for you! But if that does sound like your kind of book, just know here are no M/M scenes, it's ALL about HER (and your!) pleasure! 

CRAVE is a full-length standalone romance in the world of Reckless Falls. As a special bonus, I've included another full-length menage romance, absolutely free!

My Review
Book given in exchange of an honest review, by the author.

I have enjoyed all of the Reckless Falls books, but this one is by far my favorite!

The three main characters are so different I was surprised the fit together so well together, like long-lost jigsaw pieces.

Jackson is this ruthless chef who is now, for the first time in his life, doing what he loves without following orders and he is scared to death of failure. He was such a strong part of this thing between the three of them, I’m pretty sure that he was the reason things got started. 

When he was in room it felt as if he had control over it, his Intensity could not be matched, I think it must have been a real challenge for Finn.

But Finn was strong too, he was calmer and more composed than Jackson, but he still had fire within him, he took control of some moments and made them perfect. He stepped up when it was needed and I kind of fell for him too right there.

Finally, Bee… she has had a rough life until now and after a lot of work, she is living the dream, or so she thought, until she meets these two and she realizes that she was missing out!

I really like her, she was strong and stubborn, but when the time came to give in, she didn’t hesitate, she went for it and happiness could be her ultimate price.

Their connection was insanely good! The sex scenes are crazy good and I found it impossible to put the book down.

A fast read that you don’t want to miss if you like menages!!.

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