Saturday, January 28, 2017

His Muse by Isabella Starling

My Rating: 5 Stars
Series: No.
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: A forbidden fruit and an irresistible man.

You look pretty when you cry, little girl.


Cara Newton is the kind of girl you become an artist for. 
Stunning, rebellious, sweet. So damn sweet.
She's also eighteen, my business partner's daughter, and completely off limits.
Not that I care. 
She would look so beautiful on the walls of my gallery, I might have to break her, just so I can paint her in her true colors.
On her knees.
Mouth open.
Begging for more.
That's my little girl.


I'm used to getting what I want from my father.
Used to pulling on his strings to get exactly what I crave.
Spending a summer with his business partner sounds awful... Until I meet the man in question. 
Mason Presley.
He's troubled, messed up, scary. 
He's so handsome I'm afraid to even look at him. 
So intense it sends shivers down my spine.
I think he wants me.
I know I want him.
But Mason likes me broken... and when I do break, he's either going to send me away...
Or keep me as his own forever.

Full-length novel. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating. HEA guaranteed.

My Review

I got this book by the author for an honest review and like always it was AMAZING! I don't know how she does it, but her books keep getting better and better and this one is no exception! Another perfect story Isabella! Congratulations!

About this book, I can start with Mason's intensity OMG, he has built up his persona so good, it's scary good but still for a newbie like Cara, it might seem like too much at first.

She was a bit annoying at first, a little brat, but she really surprised me when she learned and became the woman we all wanted her to be, the kind that can give Mason a run for his money.

The way in which he is obsessed with her and has everything planned might seem bit too much for some people, so if you don't like taboo subjects then I recommend you not to read this book. Now in the other hand if you do enjoy that then why are you still here? this is the book for you.

The sexual chemistry between the characters is perfect, and I couldn't get enough of Mason's punishments, who wouldn't want to misbehave if that was the reward/punishment you got.
Fun fact...I was reading it on a plane and I have to warn you that I got super uncomfortable a couple of times when I had to stop and take a breather after some of this scenes, and remembered where I was. I kept blushing super hard! Just SO good and intense!

One of my favorite things about Isabella's books is the alpha male characters we get to meet, I am obsessed with them, I want to live in your books forever.

I know it's already implied but this is a MUST read!


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