Thursday, July 7, 2016

Her Twin Stepbrothers (MFM Menage with BONUS novel Failure to Stop) by Terry Towers

My Rating: 4 Stars

Series: No

Sex Scenes: Yes.

Subject: Sexy Stepbrothers story

One night changed everything... 


What does a failing family business, anxiety over feelings that are wrong to have and a situation involving mistaken identity have in common?

It's the story of my life. 

While on a recon mission to try to get some ideas on how to save my bar I found myself in the hottest new club in town which happened to be a strip club. The manager mistook me for the new girl and next thing I know I'm up on stage shaking my fanny for dollar bills.

It was a one-time crazy thing I did. That was until I saw my sexy as sin stepbrothers in the audience, shock and something more unsettling in their gazes as they stared up at me.

I have a feeling life is never going to be the same....

Sam and Eric:

Has the world gone mad? 

That's the only logical explanation. Imagine our surprise when we go to the hottest new club in town and see our somewhat conservative stepsister on stage.

In the blink of an eye Andrea went from being our pain in the rear stepsister to something that keeps us up all night. We have so many other problems already, now we have battling it out for our stepsister to add to that list. 

We share everything, but how can we share her? 

My Review

I bought this book on Amazon the other day and loved it!

When I read the synopsis I was hooked, I wanted to read it right away, since I was in the mood of a threesome book.

I wasn't disappointed! The story was sexy and captivating, the characters were so hot! 

The twin brothers were described in such a good way by the author, that you could tell right away who it was from the way the acted and their way of talking.

Eric was the calm and collected one, but boy did he surprised us, their first scene was steamy and intense!

Sam, the joker and the player, but he was such a kind lover. He was simple and raw.

Last but not least Andrea, she was young and adventurous but life put her on a tricky situation and she thinks she knows just how to get out of it.

The story was fun and entertaining, the sex scenes are amazing and they seem to just click.

A must read!

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