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Monday, December 16, 2019

The Virgin Gift (The Gift #2) by Lauren Blakely

My Rating: 5 Stars
Series: Yes, The Gift #2
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Subject: Asking for what you want.

I might still carry my V-card, but I know exactly what I want in a man. Smart, charming and oh-so-skilled. Too bad I haven't found him yet.

But maybe he's found me. .

Because when my charming, laid-back, next-door neighbor discovers a secret list I keep, he volunteers to work through every single item on it. .

Including the last one -- at the end, we walk away and stay friends. .

I say yes to his offer, and that's when I discover another side to him. .

A side I adore. A side I crave. He's commanding, intense, and everything I've ever wanted. .

But as we check things off one by one, I find myself breaking the most important rule of all. And I have no idea what it will do to my heart.

THE VIRGIN GIFT by Lauren Blakely Release Date: December 2nd

THE VIRGIN GIFT, the second book in The Gift Series, a series of sexy love stories, by #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, is a red hot neighbors to lovers, lesson in seduction romance and it’s AVAILABLE NOW in Kindle Unlimited and audio!! Ebook will be 99¢ on release day only! 

“Another winner! You won't want to put Nina and Adam's story down. And just wait until you see what number eleven is on Nina's list…” --Sarina Bowen, USA Today bestselling author of Moonlighter

Lauren NEVER disappoints! 

This time she bring us a funny, witty and sexy novel about two amazing and perfect for each other neighbors. 

They had a perfect friendship, Adam was sure he didn’t want to cross any lines with Nina, she was too valuable for him. That is until he reads her list, and now he sees everything in a whole different light, she is ready to be awakened, and he is certain he is the man for the job.

How hard can it be, it is just sex right? And he is definitely not looking for anything else.
Nina has waited for so long, now it just seems harder and harder to take the chance and lose it. But fate has other plans for her and it puts Adam right in her path, finding that list will change everything. 

She has never seen Adam in that light, I mean, she knows he is gorgeous, but he is a friends, no romantic anything going on… or is there? Thinking about it now…that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Get ready for some crazy sexy scenes and some intense connection. These characters have been holding back for too long and once they let go there is no stopping them.

Who knew asking for what you want could be so sexy?!

Find out what happens when sexy, charming Adam discovers the girl next door’s naughty to-do list AVAILABLE NOW!! Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon AU Amazon CA Paperback Audio Performed by Elena Wolfe & Teddy Hamilton with special appearances by Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell

More about this series of red-hot standalone romances:

Excerpt: I broke the hold he had on my hip. I spun around and took a few steps backward to the kitchen counter, feeling naughty, daring. 

From a few feet away, I stared at my friend with new eyes, drinking in the cut of his jaw, the fire in his eyes, the expanse of his hard chest. 

My eyes roamed over him. He was fully dressed, but fully revealed too. The outline of his arousal was visible through his pants. Thick and firm.

My mouth watered as I stared at the shape of it. 

But tonight I wanted something else. 

Something for me. 

I didn’t need to start at the beginning of my list. The first three items set the tone. I’d cross them off as I worked through the others.

I knew where to start. 

“Okay, then. Now that we’ve tackled the rules of engagement, I’d like to try number four, please.”

About the Author: 

A #1 New York Times Bestselling, #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling, and #1 Audible Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. She also writes red-hot love stories for her Lauren Blakely After Dark line.

She'd love to give you a free book today! Check out her web site to grab your free read:

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