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Monday, August 28, 2017

Compromised in Paradise (Compromise Me #3) by Samanthe Beck

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Compromise Me #3.
Subject: A week Without strings attached.
Stressed out hotel heiress Arden St. Sebastian is in Maui for one thing and one thing only. Work. But when the hottie at the bar buys her a drink to end all frilly umbrella-and-glow stick drinks, she can’t help but accept his unspoken invitation. When they get back to her villa, however, and the sexy moment of truth arrives, she can’t…quite…get there. Again.

ER resident Nick Bancroft can handle a night of fun, anonymous sex, but he draws the line at a fake orgasm. He makes his mystery woman a deal. He’ll take care of her little stress-induced orgasm problem if she’ll spend the next six days exploring the island with him, no questions asked. 

A week of island relaxation on the arm of the sexiest man she’s ever met? Arden’s game. As long as she keeps her identity secret, she’s got nothing to lose…except her heart.

Arden has had a hard time finding the right person to date, her social status seems to get in the way and most guys can't see past her family name. Until Rider, he is a mystery and she loves every second of the anonymity he has provided her with. 

One week, six dates and the promise of the best sex she has ever had, what could possibly go wrong?

Nick doesn't do commitment and this arrangement with this sexy woman seems like a great plan, until he realises that maybe a week is too short for him to be able to get his fill on this mysterious creature.

Watching them fall for each other while they were busy having the greatest and kinkiest sex ever was super entertaining and fun. They were perfect for each other in every way possible. 

Arden needed to enjoy life again and appreciate the little things and Rider needs to trust people again, opening his heart won't be an easy task but he might be in for a surprise if he takes the leap.

A beautiful story, and two amazing and fun characters. Prepare to fall for this dominant alpha male and his kinky methods for the ultimate soul-deep, hurt so good, cry for mercy cure for stress orgasm.

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