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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Orcgasm: The Barbarian's Captive (Chronicles of Princess Maya, #2) by Syn Root

My Rating: 4 Stars
Sex Scenes: Yes.
Series: Yes, Chronicles of Princess Maya, #2.
"Captivity never felt so good... " 
Maya is in trouble. The Elven Captial has been sacked, and the Invaders from the North have proven all but impervious to the strength of Elven Magick.

Life, as a Barbarian Captive means one of two things -- consent, and become a plaything for the will of the Barbarian Prince, or refuse, and live out the rest of your days in asexual servitude. Yet, there are darker fates in wait, just beyond the southern horizon. When the Orc Hordes make their move, and Dragon Fire serves as a replacement for the Light of Dawn -- will Prince Sòl, and his forces call upon those very Captives whom, they have sought to enslave? 

The Barbarian's Captive is a Standalone Sequel to Full-Bodied Orcgasm, the Steaming Hot, Fantasy Monster Erotica Novella.
This 22k Word Novella describes Captivity under the Norn Barbarian Clan, as well as the Betrayal of the Hard-Pole Clan from the Hordes in the Orc Invasion. Contains Orgiastic Sex, Magic, Violence, and a HFN Ending..

Another amazing book that was gifted by the author and I loved it!

This story has a little bit more fighting in it (which I enjoyed) to accompany the incredible sex scenes.

Maya is back home but things have gone wrong and she gets dragged into another battle. Her captors are vicious but she always seems to find a way to enjoy her captivity.

Now her new and old lover will be the key to defeating their enemies.

The only question is if she will be strong enough to handle the power.

A fast read filled with crazy sex scenes and bloody battlefields.



  1. I do appreciate a quick fast sexy read....sounds intriguing.

  2. If you enjoy that type of book then you will love this story! Its raw and violent but captivating!

    You will want to start from the first one though ;)